China Internet circle winter capital had also appeared on a winter capital is the second half of 2011 to the end of 2013, lasted for more than two years; in the first half of the year before last 2010 and 2011, the winter capital, Internet business and capital market booming. History repeats itself. In 2014 and the first half of 2015, the capital market was hot for a year and a half, and the market once again entered the cold winter.

needless to say, too many friends in the Wangzhuan door is because of a variety of media over exaggerated reports, mistakenly believe that the Internet is a modern version of "military and political leaders, Ning will" millionaire intensive production line, "the listing of sh419, receptionist MM have become millionaires" rumors spread like wildfire, let more webmaster Wangzhuan dream the more unrealistic.

investors do not represent many investment cases. In the first five months of 2016, the number of mainstream VC investment cases declined substantially, as did China’s Sequoia Capital, China’s VC leader, actually invested in five months

I know I can’t convince him, so I won’t tell him.


and the last difference is that this time the capital of the cold winter is facing a worse environment, coupled with China’s Internet users dividend disappeared, the growth of pure Internet start-ups greater pressure than ever before. Therefore, it is reasonable to estimate that this round of capital weakness may continue into the second half of 2017.

due to poor environment influence, Sino US Internet startups benchmarking of the delay in landing two market in the United States, with Uber and Airbnb as the representative, in Chinese to large drops and Xinmei U.S. group as the representative of the public comment. Although in the primary market, Uber, Airbnb, and large drops of new hundreds of billions of dollars of financing, but as long as the four companies failed to successfully landed on the two market to investors the opportunity to opt out, the market will be affected.

is now more and more risk is: the world economic downturn, Uber, Airbnb, big drops, may not be able to get the new premium market in two. Once the four start-up representative companies bleeding, financing or bleeding listed, not enough return of the investment institutions will be unable to invest too much in the primary market, small and medium entrepreneurs will be trapped.

in the world economic empire, China economy is good, but the long-term growth of the past, suddenly slow down, whether in power or ordinary people, are not all of a sudden to come. Like a person, has been very moist, let him suddenly cut, the heart is still quite large gap.

but the problem is, "when all the towers rise from the ground, people must do things on a realistic basis, step by step.". After all, you’re on the right track. You know, "not afraid of slow, I’m afraid standing" is not only applicable to road traffic, but also the cause of our pursuit, we must attach great importance to the law of life.

half a year ago, a friend of mine decided to quit his job as a programmer and concentrated on running his own Taobao store and marketing blog to sell a product. Since the average monthly income of about 2000 yuan, he felt very successful, so the Spring Festival did not come home, and a person, hope to realize the ambition of the dragon. I told him 2000 yuan, of course not, but after all, your first step Wangzhuan is very successful, from the Taobao store to find the product, and the blog marketing. A rookie, half a year to do basic, you can maintain your livelihood, should be satisfied. As long as we conscientiously sum up experience, accumulate customers, commodities, channels, various resources, find opportunities, stability and development, and gradually develop gradually, that is, a long day, a big day.


maybe this interview, post some facts, earn 1 million, N grassroots webmaster earn thousands master is Wangzhuan special case, but only scanty, more is the "river water ring Kunming dialect, far to hear the river water sound, did not see to hit off with the rest.

friend replied, "you know, I don’t have to go to work at all, but I’m tired now. I want to buy a car. It’s a waste of youth like this.".

here again, and there is no fun friend. Indeed, he worked as a programmer and paid far more than 2000. After all, the people who dream of becoming rich and dreaming of achieving such dreams are worthy of respect.

even now, the network is flooded with a variety of forms of Internet successful interview, all kinds of successful experience in the book "a innumerable, grassroots webmaster how to make 1 million", "day to earn N thousand posts in various forums as in the past N years to fire.

in the first half of 2016, an increasingly embarrassing situation: investors more than the first half of 2015, but entrepreneurs less than the same period last year, appeared so many investors, entrepreneurs are not "the spectacle. Some entrepreneurial activities, there have been more investors than entrepreneurs.

I know he didn’t fully express their dreams, he also dream to buy a house in the provincial capital, and then the marriage – and it is indeed his urgent needs, from this point of view, the monthly income of 2000 yuan really failed.

Abstract: with the new round of entrepreneurial tide born new VC investment institutions, they are becoming the VC industry reform forces. Since 2013 three years, many new VC investment institutions has become the new benchmark for the industry, a great catch up from behind the momentum. Perhaps big changes in the industry are coming.

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