Chen Danian has just won the fortune Chinese edition, 40 business elites aged under 40 years old,

I was physically poor from 2006 to 2008, because before

Chen Danian: when we were all reading, we were taught to work hard to get rich and to learn by drinking coffee. And then to the Internet, it is said that the Internet is a speed of development of the industry, with each passing day, people’s pace of life has become faster.

but today, the Internet has been improving and relatively mature. In one way or another, "all routines", when the Internet models mature, I think we should actually throw away this kind of hard won approach.

this time, Sina and Chen Danian in full depth dialogue, words of dry cargo sharing, he talked about this a few years the core thinking and practical experience, we do not have too much consolidation, and strive to complete his thoughts on the show.

I believe that many webmaster have experienced

What is the ?

in the interview, these problems by the depth of discussion: one company only desperately to win? What is the key point to slow and fast mobile Internet? The dividend is really the end? In a 700 million Internet users in the country of 1 billion 400 million people have opportunities? How to grasp these opportunities?

first: learn to choose a reputable advertising alliance. First of all, the best choice is to have business qualifications, and if you choose a personal advertising alliance, there is a certain risk. If the alliance suddenly closes, the money will not be going back at all. I believe everyone in the forum also often see a lot of posts, said his money was so and so union to black. Choose a reputable alliance, you can know more about it through friends. Don’t do it blindly. Ask more. You can go to some League evaluation network to see the evaluation of various alliances, such as, on this website, reputation, service and settlement are evaluated. For the first two months, I’ve been looking for some of the league members directly in the league! Two months have been cooperative, the service has been good, there are web owners to apply for timely notification will come, reputation or we have to say, take the initiative to come to the union, we must treat carefully, ha ha!

only soon to be successful? Only worked hard to win business? Chen Danian again start after the grand master key in WiFi, try one, 3 years later, he felt it was time for practice Hanzhu obsessive Chinese Entrepreneurs: we so desperately start is a mistake.

, a new idea of enterprise management, is rising. NetEase founder Ding Lei recently readme article said, "fast" is the entrepreneurial thinking misunderstanding. "The most important thing is only one," said founder of the cheetah, Fu sheng.

fourth: select a responsible alliance customer service staff. Personally, I think a good customer service. Help yourself will be great. It will help you solve many problems. What’s wrong with the ad code?. The first time to inform you of reducing your losses, this is also more critical. I also know several advertising alliance customer service, they often chat, said. Many webmaster is very cattle now. Don’t take it lightly. I don’t think it’s very good. If you want others to respect you, you have to respect others first. Only you make him a friend. He will really serve you.

second: select a shorter clearing cycle alliance. The general mode of payment is paid monthly, and a week, pay day. Advertising unions should pay very little today. It is recommended to pay by zhou. If the billing cycle is longer. The risk has also increased a lot. Money is only in your pocket. It’s your money. This truth is believed to be known to all.

Chen Danian think this is the beginning of a new trend, he said a "collective defection slow mode" era is coming, think this is Chinese Internet development after 20 years of summary and reflection and fast thinking.

that the final result? Is all in the running, this is actually a very brutal industry, beginning the establishment of the company is very hard, but this is a feature of the times, the past time desperately to some extent is reasonable, because this industry is very new, what things are the new, so you should run, the only way to win.

so, around the "replay experience" and "study", Chen Danian accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Technology in the near future, in-depth sharing method about entrepreneurship, corporate governance and other aspects of the theory.

SP crazy money era. Now SMS has begun to sink. Then, the main profit of the personal station depends on the advertising alliance, and the choice of good advertising alliance will increase your website revenue. How to choose a good advertising alliance?. I’m a newbie too. I’ll talk about my experience.

third: look at the cycle of data returned by the ad alliance. The Union data returns a long cycle. Transparency is poor. It’s better to choose an ad alliance that will be returned in real time. But it depends on your choice of advertisers in the alliance. Some advertisers’ data is second days back. This way, there is no way for an ad alliance to return data to you in real time. It’s only for second days. In short, try to select the data back short cycle advertising Union and union advertising, to minimize their losses.

Sina Technology: I heard a few times you mentioned that the company can not be too hard, can you tell me how you think about it,

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