even more embarrassing is that the employee also quilt, as of 14, the closing, the Great Wall animation stock price reported 9.83 yuan / share, the staff lost 185 yuan.


reporter noted that for such extraordinary results in a "embarrassment" and "upgrade a not far behind him, I fell into the" comment, a netizen solemnly pointed out: "well, your employees are not confident, the image of the crash, one cannot alter m."


it came to this step, also called real fallback type holdings. But by June 11th, for whatever reasons, the Great Wall animation and issued a supplementary notice, the provisions of the compensation limit: the employees buy the Great Wall animation stock value does not exceed the monthly salary 12 times the loss of compensation, by the chairman of the board, staff is expected to buy the amount of 16 million 596 thousand yuan. Prior to the announcement of the issue, no excess has been purchased beyond this limit.

recently, A stock market appeared many fallback style holdings. At first, many of the chairman of the staff propaganda, the company’s share price rose. But the same moves, with several more ineffective, after all, has been flattering.

the company issued "on the staff of the company in response to Chairman of company stock holdings of the initiative announcement shows that during the period from June 7th to 13, 1 employees of the holdings of company stock, the number of holdings to 1000 shares, holdings of the average price of 10.015 yuan / share, also said the actual expenditure of 10 thousand yuan. And in sharp contrast, as of May this year, the Great Wall animation employees total 191 people.

supplement public >

but, on the night of June 14th, a listed company called the Great Wall animation 000835.SZ was surprised by a new angle.

June 6th, the Great Wall announced that the company received the actual control, chairman Zhao Ruiyong submitted "on to all employees of the company issued stock holdings proposal", said in view of the recent market decline in non rational, the chairman of the company’s investment value judgment based on the proposal, all employees of the company actively buying stocks, and that period where on June 7, 2017 ~13 to buy and hold for more than 12 months and working, because the company stock holdings to produce losses, be full compensation by the chairman himself, income will belong to all employees.

Chairman: I may have encountered a group of fake employees,

correct shlf1314 collection address writing!!!! Otherwise, you will have the possibility of failing to receive the check

names is a habit of foreigners Firstname before and after the name Lastname. If you run into it, you’d better pay attention to the order, but if you fill it out, it doesn’t matter. The Bank of China accepts the check when it is admitted. For example: Liu Gang, can be written as GangLiu, can also be written as LiuGang.

note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translated into English agreed, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your check is sent by the Chinese postman, the key is for them to understand. Tech building, you wrote TechnologyBuilding, they might be even more confused. Now, each city’s China post sorting center has a special person responsible for translating foreign addresses into Chinese addresses and writing them on envelopes and sending them to the postman. Important: your postal code must be written correctly, because several postal links in foreign letters are delivered by postal code areas.

on how to verify their written address what can be delivered right to the local post office. I often see a lot of new Internet enabled friends asking for the correct English expressions about the address. In fact, you can take a simple and effective way to validate yourself.

1. go to the post office to buy envelopes and stamps;

2. on the envelope to write your address and the recipient English or pinyin;

3.. You can also write an address in a variety of ways, such as no.1xiluroad and xilulu1hao which are then addressed envelope stamped in a mailbox;

4. in a week you should receive these letters sent to their own, if you do not receive the written address or the local post office has a problem. For the latter, you can do the following to the post office

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

so, netizens have said, "the best employee of the year" is the holdings of the "warrior", did not run


why is there such an embarrassing situation? Before looking through the company’s action, you may get some clues.

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