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3, and one of the most important issues, there is no support point, no one topic, for example, what is your forum to discuss? What is the charm of your forum, who still has a visitor,

when an investor vote for you, does not mean that you will succeed; similarly, when investors reject you, does not mean that your project is not only feasible, that expected your project failed to surpass the trend of future investors; or in risk can not let people have a sense of security investment.

I introduced the quality of post to prestige in the article "Mylot – veteran post money community", and reputation value is related to index. So, if the number of the same post when the gains can be ignored the quality of the resulting benefits, whether we can be no fear of the chaotic post? No, if the post does not meet the standards will be warned, the corresponding reputation will be reduced, be warned many times, will be the title.

in the process of venture investment, investors will eliminate all the necessary filtering conditions for the uncertain factors. In most cases, these judgments relate to the style of the fund, and to the investor’s judgments about the project, the industry, and the individual.

2, I ignored the habits of the Chinese people, in the treatment of cheating on this matter, toughness than any race must be tough.


capital is profit driven, and when investors choose start-ups, they will rule out the vast majority of entrepreneurs seeking financing.

no, I also try to replicate the Mylot model completely, and even invite professional teams to help plan it. But it will not last six months. In the beginning, I came down to the obsession of cheating in the Chinese people, but it was not.

of course, not only these problems, but also a series of small problems. Well, since it’s hard to duplicate, what’s the point of writing this article? The paid form of WEB2.0 makes it seem like one can’t hold it long. I pushed the klikot blog to make money, from the operation to now, but 2 years, not paid? Interest driven forum, the community does not have viscosity?


so, if we can assume that has a strict system of interest, we can also copy the Mylot, or even create a Mylot? Mylot and the minimum is 10 dollars, some people are destined to do not pay the income as can be imagined.

when I came into contact with this website in 07 years, I knew he would continue to grow and operate steadily. Mylot is a large blog community based web site, but his model has been unique over the past 04 years, paying in return for the amount of traffic. And I’ve been in touch with this website for 07 years. Why do I think this website will be profitable for a long time? Because it depends on his unique scoring system and perfect profit standard.

entrepreneurs can certainly try to find investment, but the most fundamental thing is to find ways to live on. If you can live well, of course, will favor the capital — capital never is profit, forever is the icing on the cake, not timely assistance.

2, investors are looking for money to see the project

entrepreneurs are always running back and forth between highs and lows. No one knows how far you can go until you prove your business model. No matter how, want to let their project to live, is the state of entrepreneurship should be – let go of fantasy, is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurship is the decisive factor for how far an entrepreneur can go. The real entrepreneurs will overcome all difficulties to the financing, but does not put forward as the only possibility of venture financing.

entrepreneurs find financing this thing, in 2015 and 2016 broke many entrepreneurs brains, the new year, I hope you no longer tangled, what get investment, quick start.


1, Mylot has the mail prompt function, I do not have. When each member recommends a member on the line, Mylot sends an email to him.


in the domestic Mylot to apply this model, it can not be fully applied. Post quality is related to prestige, prestige to interests, quality to quantity. We can move the chain here. But the audit should be more severe!

4 ignores the nature of marketing and ignores the importance of re marketing.

1, financing in order to start business, then please now give up

To VC projects will be gradually reduced in the future. On the one hand, investment, people began to calm down, LP’s money is not so good, casual flowers; on the other hand, entrepreneurs no longer expect investors to save themselves.

but in any case, when an entrepreneur sees "finding investors" as a necessary path to the road to entrepreneurship, he has lost.

if the entrepreneur wishes to turn to external financing, then the entrepreneur’s project will have higher standards than the average entrepreneur. For example, a clearer vision, predictable market, small business model, and related resources that can be endorsed by investors.

, of course, is good with investor support, but true entrepreneurs are always at their expense to make their dreams come true. True entrepreneurs don’t start their own business to finance, and of course they don’t get ready for the winter. They knew how far their roads were and were ready for the most

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