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rely on search engines to Shanghai dragon and survival, almost all of the traffic comes from search engines, but in some cases even if we worked hard to put a certain key words do it first will find the results of their own imagination and there is a large gap, the reason is a lot of such words are for advertising in the world, but even if we get the flow, which also has a large part is not the desire to buy traffic..

in China’s rapid economic development today, a lot of people not only to meet the basic material needs, is more to the pursuit to the brand. Many consumers in the consumption of some products even is not only expensive to buy "mentality, which reflect the current Chinese people for the pursuit of the brand. Take it to the Mid Autumn Festival as an example, this year we can see the so-called "moon cakes" hundreds of boxes of moon cake sell, these mooncakes are not "dragon meat", so what makes such a box of moon cakes can be sold price? That is the brand effect.

compared with other forms of Shanghai dragon will be more passive, because it requires the user to search for, but we also have to face a problem that many industry target users do not directly use the search engine search habits, at the entrance to the development of the Internet today this contention of a hundred schools of thought access is no longer confined in the search engine of this channel, Sina micro-blog, portal website, navigation flow is our important.

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"your shoes really good-looking, is Nike or Adidas? Where buy? Are you using the apple mobile phone!" we often encounter with the brand word life in the conversation, at this stage in the quest for the brand has been ingrained in the realm of the. For businesses to gold in the era of electronic commerce must also fight online are built their own brands in order to obtain favorable opportunity, then the brand promotion PK Shanghai dragon who is superior? Please point the author’s humble opinion.


is not just the astronomical moon cake one or two years before, in 2003 the media had exposed a hotel launched a sell 99999 yuan a box of moon cakes. This box is called "the supreme gold moon". This box of moon cake with eight moon cake, is a piece of pure titanium gold "golden moon cake", the remaining seven is to eat moon cake. Has launched this astronomical moon cake, this hotel is "to create brand, occupy a space for one person in the autumn moon cake market". Regardless of the adverse effects we bring the astronomical moon cake. We can see the importance of the brand in the promotion of goods in.

Shanghai dragon

whether brand promotion or promotion for Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, enterprise’s ultimate objective is to create greater value for the enterprise products, the Shanghai dragon it must be targeted. "

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