query keywords ranking on the home page of the site, Shanghai love chain total effective statistics.

as shown below:

then the third question, "the love of Shanghai anti chain number" and "love Shanghai effective anti chain number" what is the difference? The first two are the number of domain names containing the page returned from the love Shanghai address in the library. The difference is that love the address of Shanghai library, some love address is Shanghai included, released a snapshot, a little snapshot was released, including "love Shanghai trans total is consists of two parts, the snapshot was released and no snapshot of the page is the first page of the query results returned. "Love"

here’s a friend asked, the first question, why in the query instruction domain name URL above quotes? Search instructions in double quotes, search for the match, the result is to love the address of Shanghai library, the total number of pages containing the full target domain name.

The use of

this has a friend asked, second questions, what is called "love Shanghai effective anti chain number"? This is a relative concept is relative to the first instruction results figures, these figures are released snapshot love Shanghai address database page, the total number of the target domain name.


then there is no way to accurately do a chicken with a knife, kill them? Here in Daqing Shanghai Phoenix Project Manager Xiao Yun launched a sharp according to the situation of competitors, making its plan optimization method. The core process of this method and before the 05 generation master of Shanghai dragon er made the same idea, but the details of the operation has been completely different, the use of this method, even if you have no experience before similar keywords, can also make a pretty close strategy. Methods a total of four sets of this process, we take one of the words "Guangzhou model" competition for example:

statistical search command: domain:" www.xxx贵族宝贝", turn to the last page or 76 page, lower right corner of the digital recording.

writer Xiao Yun, as a Shanghai dragon Er, received a keyword optimization task, we will do an overall strategy about, including to the target site internal optimization into what, increase the number of the chain, the chain operation strategy and use what. Some friends by experience, had probably the case, make a similar estimate, and then determine the strategy. Some of my friends do not assess the chain do what 2 months up on the line, no matter what the 37 twenty-one, only have the effect on the OK. These methods generally can achieve mission objectives, but over reliance on experience, to use the chicken kill chopper.

, a rival Shanghai effective anti love query chain total, making its total number of chain

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