note: the site with a "non official website information will be right down

will be right down if a web site with a "non official website information? Is the official website with information on the website, and then in the" official "front plus a" non ", this information will not be love Shanghai drop right? A5 marketing idea is this:

2, "non official website" website with a "not" word, not only to deceive the user and deceive the search engine.


recently, love Shanghai search engine is constantly changing, many enterprises station, station, station, industry portal forum site has been down right, especially with Bibi classified information network directly by the hair, it is a blow for the webmaster, also is each enterprise, industry to combat. So far, many sites have been restored, but there are many sites has not been restored, no recovery and there are many reasons, from the lower right we can see that part of the site right down the chain, content and other cheating, in fact, these are very common. But this time there are many large websites "the official website of the information, especially some mall website and B2B website, classified information website, those who appear official website information website will be love Shanghai do drop right processing.


1, "non official website" website information in an official website, still belong to a false official website.

Conclusion: ?

do not make an unnecessary move, can not be brought without, two aspects are you cheating

what is the "official"? "Website is false official website, non love Shanghai with V certified official website. Simply speaking, an enterprise or industry website only an official website, and the enterprise website with the record, if the two official website of an enterprise or industry, who knows which one is the real official website, so the search engine from the point of view which is false official website, to cheat the user. It may be asked, how do you know this information, is not a lie. No, before A5 marketing has written an article on the official website of the article, this message belongs to love Shanghai internal sources, the current range only large sites, small sites if not official but with the official website will appear right down. So, see this article may or may not believe, right to be reduced is the owners own thing. So, "the official website of the website needs to pay attention to what is not love Shanghai right down

first, the need to pay attention to the mall site. A lot of information in the mall site with the "official", for what? In order to let the user feel the mall site with more authority and trust, so a lot of information in the mall site with the "official website". For example, Anta sports goods, Anta has Anta search website, but there are many official website, users have to choose which one website such as? Click on the first Anta official website found not true website, users will directly exit, if you click on the second.

, a website needs to pay attention to

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