$id = isset ($id) & & is_numeric ($id) $id: 0;

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< require_once (dirname? Php
(__FILE__). The "/include/");

for ($a=$id; $a< $id+10; $a++) {

method, the CMS installation directory, new c.php, copy into the following contents, their corresponding encoding with Notepad set GBK or utf8. Run the yourwebsite/c.php id=1

dedecms itself tag (keywords) extraction function, but the word is always not accurate enough. Of course, to update a dozen entries and on Shanghai Longfeng precise execution of the users, the manual input can better control. But for the theme of more extensive, content update a large amount of users, Dede split is not perfect.

  $row = $dsql-> GetOne ("SELECT arc.title tp.body FROM `@__archives` arc, LEFT JOIN `@__addonarticle` TP ON where" $a ");

discuz is an online free online word cueing interface. After several one hundred thousand Chinese forum, supsite users have more data to improve the context, cell thesaurus. This small program is discuz online word batch update content has been made based on keywords (tag), if a large amount of data (more than 50 thousand) or virtual host user, the best ride to the local environment. The speed will be faster.

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