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finally, each search engine has its own good, only 360 to enter the market to let the webmaster a little better, as do love should also be like a Shanghai Google optimization guide, let the webmaster can have a goal, or very blind optimization. I love the breast 贵族宝贝fengxiong521贵族宝贝>

always love Shanghai included is not easy to do, on the basic of Google is very fierce, but 360 is included less poor, do webmaster after deal with love Shanghai also to cope with the 360 at the same time? May it difference algorithm.

search engine to do is for customer service, I take "Dongdong game network" as an example, this website love Shanghai and Google weight is very high. We look at the search results. Love Shanghai and Google in the first user desired result, but the 360 did not appear on this site, I put the top ten search results page I still couldn’t find this website, but we note a red exclamation point to see love Shanghai in the search results, it is suggested that there are dangerous sites. My guess is probably 360 indicates a dangerous website will not give the ranking won’t even have included. The results proved that I guess, as long as the love of Shanghai in search results by 360 newspapers have all can not find the dangerous site. This may be a way for the sake of users, there are dangerous sites directly kill from the root, do not let them have an opportunity to harm users. If is black horse website in this kind of situation, the owners really a tragedy, hope that the 360 should have a chance to appeal to the webmaster can not kill a stick.

2, search results (

The other 3.

you see all understand. At least to see a bunch of anti promotion is much, a small fresh, personal speculation in 360 after the character will go to love Shanghai and Google road.

image search: 360 immediately calls the search, love Shanghai and Google owned

map, news search: 360 call love Shanghai, love Shanghai Google’s own

1, web search (webmaster site commands)


earnings: love Shanghai and Google have their own advertising system, and the current 360 although not, but does not mean that he is not profitable


; ; key)The ultimate goal of a

video search: 360, love Shanghai, Google are free;

360 "low-key" search online for a few days, from the simple page at the beginning, now looks or doing improved. We look at the 360 first love Shanghai, Google search and comparison.

compared to

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