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think in Shanghai Longfeng work has been 5 years, some people may feel that since 5 years engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, must experience, and master the Shanghai dragon optimization tips, if you think you are wrong, in fact, I engaged in Shanghai Longfeng to work, I learned a truth, that Shanghai is not only a dragon, persistence and effort, will only follow the correct optimization method has a stable and efficient keyword ranking, so in this article, I share the first experience is: Shanghai dragon no shortcut, only persistence and efforts for the position.

and there are now many claiming to be the master of the brothers and sisters, in order to have an expert on the image, imagine how non normal optimization keywords, how to optimize the traditional Shanghai Longfeng revolution into a new era of Shanghai dragon, in fact, the idea is good, but I want to say is, if you see the master said in how to use non normal optimization techniques and how to optimize the traditional theory of experts of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method of the revolution, so I suggest you not to waste your time, this time on your website more and more outside the chain update several pieces of high quality articles, some friends may feel I is a bit jealous, but I did not jealous, and just do not want to let those so-called experts to flicker some Shanghai dragon Er, and hard work The Shanghai dragon Er pull astray, if you don’t believe it, then I can give you a reason, first a successful business operation if their products do very well, and has a very good response, operation mode and operation mode of the enterprise is not an easy job to do to change their business products the search engine is that, now many people are using search engines to do Shanghai dragon ranking position, since there are large quantities of people to help the search engine update, why search engines will go to some of the so-called experts to revolutionary Shanghai Longfeng optimization method? So those so-called experts please you close you big mouth and disgusting, not fooled the innocent Shanghai dragon er.

is not only a way in Shanghai, the so-called "beast" and "brick" misleading Shanghai dragon Er, and even more appalling is that in Shanghai dragon world friendship and help too cold, if a rookie finally found a so-called master knows Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and asked some Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods and some problems, master always aidabuli, and may be happy to tell you, and tell something is not right, always beat around the Bush, to mislead the novice, or direct budali novice, always feel at the same height, not ordinary people can the world, so that the friendship and help Shanghai dragon too cold, in fact, Shanghai dragon world is should develop to a share of the world, because only Constant exchange, you will know some of the ways you don’t know and some resources, and slowly in your share at the same time, you will be in Shanghai dragon industry image.

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