may be a little bit surprised, what skills of website content updates, as long as the original, or require a little more high quality original web content is enough to meet the demand of optimization. So to study the skills is a bit superfluous? But we need to know that the website content is not simply in order to optimize the search engine, we have one important objective that is to attract the user’s attention, and let these users gradually transformed into loyal users of website.

Many webmaster

first, use the search engine to determine the direction of the drop-down box. To update the content, if we only use the core keywords to construct direction, then this direction was too broad, and the degree of competition will increase, so we can use the core keywords for the root, through the love of Shanghai drop-down box derived keywords provided, also known as the long tail keywords is optimized, so these words not only have the competition to some extent, and relative core keywords to optimize difficulty is low, with the long tail keywords content will be more accessible to display in the search engine.

second, to get through the search engine search direction. The function of the drop-down box and relevant search function is similar, but there are still some differences in some long tail keywords, so the update direction in the actual choice of content, keywords for search can also be provided for reference, as far as possible to expand the update direction, of course these directions have vertical properties, rather than scattering in this way, diversification and can also achieve better content, to provide a variety of feasible directions to update the original content.

third, the use of products to choose the direction of love Shanghai. The current widely used in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the main product of love Shanghai love Shanghai know and love Shanghai library and encyclopedia, when we search relevant keywords, if love Shanghai products just have these keywords, then love Shanghai products will be ranked relatively high. We can update the direction through the analysis of these love Shanghai product content to summarize the content of our website, for example, found love Shanghai know a lot in the second page, then understand the relevant content of these titles, then we will know that the Shanghai title for the corresponding conversion, and then edit the original text, it can effectively improve the station the contents of the rankings.

fourth, the Shanghai index to select the optimal direction of love. Shanghai love index can provide an intuitive graphical analysis, and to optimize the feasibility of long tail keywords by numerical representation, but also has the corresponding derivatives of long tail keywords each long tail keywords, so can love a lot of content updates Shanghai index >

this will give us the website content update request, we should not only do high quality of the original article, but also need one direction, let the original content to be able to attract users, and as far as possible in the love of Shanghai home, so that it can make the website optimization it twice. So how to find the content of the web site optimization direction? Here is the author brought skills.

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