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, persevere tenacity essential

a lot of people want to come out from the grass roots, the creation of their own piece of the sky on the Internet, but failed to make the Internet business as their own business, but with speculation, cheating, bluff and deceive mentality to do. A no technology, no two to three, no money, no four good attitude, you say how can you succeed! In this paper, we have to share with everyone, how in the case of poor and blank how to business success, make a success of their own website.

of Shanghai dragon cheating, if flow, how to do and how to do for the original ranking, how to do the chain, but have not thought about how to improve the user experience of the website, open the page, let a person Olga is full screen ads, popups, junk code,. The article, human beings cannot read the machine for the original article, don’t let others to click on your article, to see for yourself are not nausea, believe that you set up these articles since you never want to look back. So, do it as a person, mind, play games, the last pit or yourself, cheat others will eventually be deceived by others.

Many webmaster every day on the Internet. The

about once the webmaster should work.

many webmaster is seen on the Internet, prompted by a sudden impulse, so much gold, that just build a web site, the data network, there can be a cashier sitting, in fact, this is not the case at all, do a website and do a business is the same, there is no persevere mentality. No firm and indomitable will, is simply not up to do, even if you are a small little website, do not pay much effort on the Internet is very difficult for you to succeed. There have been many owners of the business are very good, but can’t stick to it and give up halfway, come to naught, this is many webmaster, is also head of the most will walk the road. So I hope can set up a good attitude, optimistic about their own choices, clear their own way, continue to work, adhere to in the end.

many full-time webmaster at 9 in the morning before had no bed, the reason is the Internet yesterday, 1 points to sleep, but many webmaster at 2 in the evening sleep, but at 7 in the morning to get up, this is called hard, do also need to have the spirit of hard work, we do not encourage everyone not to rest, but we should establish hard thoughts in mind, do not happen overnight, want to get the harvest in the short term, is not possible, don’t bother to cheat, how to collect, how is the original, but to think about how to provide effective and practical information, only you genuinely and sincerely. For customer service, will bring more and more repeat customers, the premise is the quality of the content is king, no more vain acquisition quality.

two, hard ten others of my one hundred

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