site will do in the directory page and the article page, add the inner chain, add a variety of lists, such as the latest list of articles, popular articles list, a list of related articles, random article list, which can be reduced to some extent with other web page similarity.

Most of this

3. generation polymerization page


2. difference with other web content

in this shopping guide website, site or shopping sharing site is typical, such as e, Amoy beauty said, their goods are collected in other shopping sites, these goods because the original page problem to obtain ranking is limited, but can page through the integration of competition ranking, such as brand, category, price and usage attribute and location of permutation and combination. Because the shopping guide websites such as inside the commodity will come from many websites, such a page is the original. The way you can through the label page or search page (see below for polymerization of a women’s website label).

1. articles within the chain and the list of

5.UGC (user generated content)

website is how to make the weight of the 5" in the analysis of the case is illustrative, the basic principle is "you have me have, you have my priorities, such as" peer is the software download site, you download software more information, more comprehensive, or do you focus on a a class of software, or you focus on a group of commonly used software and so on, is different with other web content, is an original. Of course, the foundation is to meet your target customers’ demand.

4. of the then editor

is the beginning of the week, Xiao Ke of the Shanghai dragon every Monday to meet with Buddy posts. This paper talk about how to build high quality content sites, attention is high quality website, not high quality articles, see the side rather than the point, relative to the original article, stand taller, to create a high quality website pays more attention to the strategy, it is particularly important for large and medium-sized website. The following is the 6 Jinyuan ladies Xiao Ke share to create high quality content website:

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On Xiao Ke: "this submission We have seen that

in this news portal, is a high quality pseudo original, this has a certain amount of work. But he can put the operating processes of machinery. I remember a foreign website, with the domestic encyclopedia similarities are also different, they are specifically looking for keywords are popular search rankings on content creation and competition, content creation is completed by recruiting a group of friends or write, choose their own good keywords, and then according to the website set a good template for filling the same content creation. This article is through the audit, these users, writing can be website from the article page of the advertising revenue sharing. Of course, this is the core content creation guide and advertising into function perfect enough.

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