after all, seeing is believing, the network information collected is not intuitive understanding, therefore, I began to visit some of the name of cooperation, agent industry companies, mainly Shanghai local, local telephone communication, a Beijing company is good, use the weekend to go for a trip, the general feeling, although they do earlier also, there is a certain scale, but also in the development stage, the opportunity! PS: this process takes longer, of which there is a plug.

30 days, inspection.


I love the business to a battle, battle of choice is very important, especially in the Internet industry, innovation is the only theme, so the hero will continue to them, because of the excitement. Mobile Internet is a new battlefield, just like the newly opened area in online games. No matter how hard you are in the last zone, you will be in the same area as you are in time. Battlefield selection is good, and then the game is competition, weaknesses, select the appropriate tactics, and then spell execution, in the implementation of the optimization adjustment.

I’m Gong Yanqing, an entrepreneur. I’ve just started in Shanghai for over 3 months, and I’m in the direction of mobile internet.

why do you open the second start? This is a profound question, but the answer is very simple: the flow, open up a new battlefield


15 days, built base.

Gong Yanqing likes to compare entrepreneurship to a battle, so ancient warfare is right?

5 days to choose an office location, 10 days simple decoration, telephone network, office desks and chairs first, computers, printing and other equipment, as late as necessary to add, do not worry about the speed of delivery of Jingdong, they really fast!

based on the above analysis, I find that after the end of the year to give up the monthly salary of 5000 yuan work, do your heart and soul. If I do 3 such websites, I can guarantee my food. What’s more, I’m planning a local, regular website with a regular website as the core and a garbage site as a supplement.

20 days, build website.

I’m an amateur webmaster, but I know the Internet can make money and even make a lot of money. I’ve always believed in that, but I haven’t found a way to earn money yet. Because of the current work is not interested, long ago want to give up the work now, wholeheartedly into the webmaster industry, just under pressure to survive, have to work while doing web work.


March 2013, I started the second venture, this time in the direction of mobile internet. The first venture has 2 partners, 3 years of search marketing, as a different field of the same industry, this venture emboldened a little, a person first striker.

originally did not want to send the URL, is afraid that some people say that this is soft, but in order to give some of the same as I novice reference, or send it. The website I mentioned above is My is: 155148407. welcome friends and I exchange experience. If you don’t believe me, you can count the password to me. At the same time, welcome to make friends with me.

well, this is the account of the background of the story, the established direction, let us to develop the plot of the story, because the writing is limited, but with the running account, review the business history of the past 100 days, hope you can forgive me.

I started experimenting on websites in September, and I wondered if I could make money. What I do is beautiful picture website, use CMS management system, perhaps it is the rubbish website that people often says. All the pictures have been Watermarked and uploaded manually, without any collection. Now every day I spent only 15 minutes to update one or two articles on the picture, the site is now just 1000 IP, PV18000, PR=2, Midway for a month because the game didn’t tube website, only a few links to friendship. Let’s talk about the harvest now. There are 3 kinds of ads on my website, one is shlf1314 keyword advertising, one is video registration ad, and the other is traffic alliance. shlf1314 keyword advertising, 0.5 dollars a day, it will be 3-4 dollars. Video advertising registered registered a 0.3 yuan a day on average, about 10 people registered, also 3 dollars a day, traffic alliance 200 hits, and 4 dollars 20 yuan, 1000 click that adds up to just 10 dollars a day. About 300 a month.

although only 300 a month, but I am very confident, why?. First, I only spent 15 minutes per day, that is, if I do my heart and soul, I can manage at least 10 of these websites at the same time though tired. Second, my site advertising is not much, it seems neat, not advertising everywhere, that is, if you want to earn more points, you can also put advertising. Third, there is still much room for improvement. That’s the main thing. As a result of more than a month without management, so that traffic has dropped a lot, but if we continue from now on, the flow to 5000IP is not a problem, then revenue will also greatly increase.

I started collecting data over the Internet: what companies are doing in the mobile Internet industry, and what business they’re doing?. In this learning process, I began to register domain name zesmob, filing, renting the website space, build the company’s official website. By analysis, I sort out all the services I can provide to the site. PS: Fortunately, I contacted my former colleague, Amber, who was just returning from a vacation and looking for a new direction. She offered to join me and help me with the administration. This is great!

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