website optimization has been more than a year’s time, the Shanghai dragon, he still is a rookie level, just inside Shanghai Longfeng circle so long, met Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon novice, have told me the same Shanghai dragon rookie level, often in Shanghai Phoenix Forum, Shanghai dragon QQ group inside heard many people complain about, how to learn some of what Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon should have what kind of quality, whether Shanghai Dragon technology is advanced, Shanghai dragon what need to proceed from what place…… Early to write an article on that share their ideas of learning Shanghai dragon this year with you, today you have a personal QQ, add me as a friend, I asked him what he needs? He told to share on the Internet to see some Shanghai Longfeng experience I wrote have experience, feel very much, ask me to learn what Shanghai Longfeng need to know what knowledge, I am suitable for Shanghai dragon Er?…… After he face some problem I detailed understanding of some of his situation, put me in recent years Shanghai Longfeng experience experience to share with him on the way home, after feel it necessary to write an article on that, and we share with me to Shanghai dragon some insights into what a Shanghai dragon Er what qualities are required to write enough, meaning I hope you understand, is my wise remark of an experienced person.

Er is the essential quality of a Shanghai Dragon: "good, good at summing up"

love Shanghai should be the most familiar with the domestic Shanghai dragon Er search engine, whether it is the webmaster or users, love Shanghai is the first choice of the essential elements of their Internet entrance. The Shanghai dragon Er, they love Shanghai search engine for the only way which must be passed on, they also enhance the ability of the most direct and fastest platform, as a Shanghai dragon Er, we should always find and summarize the discovery is the latest Shanghai love ranking algorithm and related technical problems, find that there are some people is the wise remark of an experienced person counterparts, they may experience is that we usually do not pay attention to, through their experience and then we practice has become the technology and method of website optimization of our own, so as a web site optimization (search engine optimization) to their ability to find new things constantly training. Good at summing up is when we find problems, some experience and experience to solve the problem after the summary is not confined to our own, we will summarize some of the classic cases in the industry as well as some Shanghai dragon Er optimization master their skills and methods.

Shanghai dragon, in fact there are many skills, and unlike some people say is a toil live, is not to send the chain. Shanghai dragon, the chain is important, but the content is king of the truth remains. Outside the chain, the contents of the two are actually each >

Er is the essential quality of Shanghai dragon two: "good logical thinking and writing" is the practice of

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