in addition to these changes, because the baby is not noble in the mobile search field to occupy the dominant position, so noble baby will face a lot of competition, now people use mobile phone browser with a search bar, the search bar is probably the nobility baby rival search engines based on the user, in order to facilitate may imperceptibly pulled to the use of other search engines, will be virtually noble baby to seize the market, how to quickly occupy the dominant position in the search field of mobile, noble baby would be a huge challenge.

Alphabet search business leader Amit Singhal said, more and more traditional search users are no longer to the noble baby traditional search box enter keywords for example, equipped with noble baby car search service is using voice search, so the company is committed to improving the function of speech recognition. In addition, in the mobile platform on the small screen, the traditional keyword advertising has nowhere to go, so, earlier this year, has started to try to launch on the noble baby data pattern based advertising, mobile advertising is not to rely too much on keywords.

The development of

Lei Feng network October 9th news, Alphabet recently announced the monthly number of searches nobility baby search service has more than 100 billion times more than the number of mobile search PC search and search business for the first time in May this year, the company’s. It is understood that the mobile search data statistics the main representative of the intelligent mobile phone terminal, is not included in the panel on the electricity supplier search times.

According to the

mobile Internet has surpassed PC in many ways, people’s living habits have changed, the use of mobile devices to do something instead of PC has become one of the modern way of life, including the use of search engine, search for mobile phone access and convenient and fast, can fully replace the PC side.

mobile search also brought difficulties to the nobles have the baby, emerge in an endless stream application on mobile devices at present, and the noble baby search engine basically can not cover the application search, so as to solve the mobile search engine to application and formation through the visual interaction problems, has been committed to the noble baby the application of mass index, which shows to the application link in search results.

this means that the search market is from the PC to the mobile terminal, which prompted the development direction of noble baby have begun to reconsider its core business, and to reset the advertising business model around the keywords.

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