1, registered as developed countries. Pretending to be a member of the developed countries, we can get more opportunities to make more money, but we think the foreigner is too simple. Even webmaster, I will be based on your IP address online analysis of where you come from including countries, provinces and even cities, foreigners can not? This is a typical kind of cheating, when you receive the company will handle your click Wangzhuan, and ultimately a sieve. By the way, some of our friends are studying abroad. These friends can be registered as citizens of their places without any trouble

      3; register a large number of accounts. I’ve seen friends who repeat 30 or more accounts in the same company. It’s really dark! No wonder people don’t think highly of us chinese. Don’t do that. It’s understandable that you should register several accounts properly. Too much is easy to reveal. To be honest, the boss of the company knows this situation is very angry, angrily, it is entirely possible to put all Chinese people out of the door, this has happened, but it has happened many times. We should jointly support this beautiful harsh Wangzhuan industry, don’t ruin the bright future.

traffic value = user browsing × by browsing caused by other behavioral value

2, sh419 and Alibaba in the visit before the site has been basically determined to have specific behavior and value; information websites users generally do not have access to specific websites, forums and blog users is simply no purpose to curiosity, but professional forum users have at least one preset the behavior direction, so it is a little bit higher.

3, sh419 and Alibaba are using offline channels to sell online traffic, network traffic has the specific needs of the enterprise into the user’s orders, the transformation mode of personal website or other information websites do not have the commercial value of the flow and reality combination, so sh419 and Alibaba will not flow to those who value traffic exchange pure Internet advertising as the main business model of the site can be compared.

4, information sites, traffic value = PV, × read news see, look at the white, the most advertising

5, sh419’s traffic value = search volume brings click × click the bidding

6, Alibaba’s traffic value = member number × membership fee landlord mode, but the more people farming, the better the harvest

7, the information website returns depend on advertising rates and media platform to enhance the flow of value depends on the value; double click on auction and sh419 search volume to improve; Alibaba to improve the value of the flow is primarily to expand the scale of membership.

8, enhance the value of the flow of difficulty: the Alibaba most easily, as long as the membership promotion, also is the next line of the channel construction, when the user is large enough time, make the rules of the game, the membership fee pricing and platform size and service capabilities of the hook; sh419 also is easy, simple click to enhance the flow of bidding the price will also increase, the click rate is not easy to grasp, in addition the bidding enthusiasm comes from customer loyalty, also need to upgrade the level of customer service, but these are sh419’s own grasp, difficult for outsiders to break down; to the contents of the main information portal is the most difficult to enhance the flow of value, enhance the rate of itself is that advertising click, generally by cheat, now the user has basically is playing very fine, the media platform value in today seems ridiculous, dare to Say so, only Sina Sohu Tencent NetEase and several other web portals, take a little bit of brand advertising can only go people teeth point out, the Internet media value have been pressing for more than 5 years of television.

      5; off line structure. Many people in the development of offline, like the offline structure into "1-1-"… "-1-n" in the form to maximize profits. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to arouse the suspicion of the company, and we’d better make "1-n-"… In the form of "-n", this is closer to reality.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

      2; the registration form was filled out. Originally, registration forms can be filled out, registered multi account cheating friends, especially this must be. But also fill in certain rules, some make friends think it is just fill in fill in chant, address: gbsthj; s’hjy: sddtjdh, city, postal encoding written 4523252, this place? Do you have this address? What I think is that although you can fill it up, the address has to be like an address, with a name like that, and don’t make it seem impossible to have such an address at all!

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

      4; take money, heart cut. More than half of the company’s payment is not so timely, it usually takes about a month to fulfill the payment. The reason is simple. Money needs to be turned round. Some of my friends every day to pay after the payment, it is enough to make the boss angry, delete your account. Imagine, you work in a company, every day to find the manager to ask for money, you do not blame it? In principle, each to pay, please only once, as long as there is no case of a Swindlers Company, you will be able to get the money. If you meet the Swindlers Company, even if you ask for the ten thousand paragraph, do not pay or not?. Everyone’s mind should be as wide as the sea.


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