the method is simple; we analyze the profits of a product; the higher the profit, the higher the advertising it pays. For example, UPS power supply, higher profits, its advertising prices are generally very impressive.

add shlf1314 code to JS code, including pop:

To tell you that


2, the establishment of a web page in the local name for the name abc.html can play.

4, close the Notepad, open the abc.html and press CTRL+A to copy down the page, and then directly on the sh419 post edit page, paste it, they shield the code editor, can in fact be through this mode of direct copy.

add popups in sh419 space, add the shlf1314 code is very simple.

 :     then introduce specific projects, such as free virtual host, study abroad, English learning, network security, financial management and so on, all of which are of high value. If we choose one among them to do blog, maybe some friends will ask, how do you know the value of these subjects is high?

      with blog monthly income of 200 U. S. dollars, first of all to explain to you, this is just one of my ideas, have not yet practiced before, I speak out, I hope you and I practice together.

< iframe  border=0  name=lantk  src=""   width=920  height=90  allowTransparency  scrollbars=yes  frameBorder=" 0" > < /iframe> /p>

      at the same time to pay attention on the other hand, a high profit products, but the competition is not fierce, so its price is not high, such as in many stations on the Dell advertising, the price is not high. Because there is not much advertising on the computer sales field, the competition is not fierce in shlf1314. By combining these two, we can determine the value of those subjects.

I of this article is not to teach you to use sh419 space to apply for shlf1314 AdSense, because sh419 is not supported by advertising space. But if you through other blogs or websites for shlf1314 Adsense, you can make your indirect advertising to sh419 space. The few people try, but also not worth promoting. There is a need of a friend can try.

      can generate HTML static pages, easy to search engines crawl

      2, selected items, this is very important, we can not do the usual heart to do blog, we do blog is not a mood diary, nor is there anything notepad.

      we have to do blog is a distinctive theme, rich knowledge, strong professional personal website, the reason for using blog to do, because the blog program has been very mature, in the search engine of COSCO is higher than the weight of cms.

      1, do blog, first of all to choose a suitable BLOG, that is, the necessary functions, but also a good SEO. Basically meet the following points:

, shlf1314 for JS call was not very cold, you do not too much to call. Also, the sh419 is the best way to guide the flow, is also the most safe way. You can take the sh419 space in this way.

3, open the page with a notepad, and then inside the input:

1, the establishment of a web page, placed on the top of the shlf1314 code, if the code is 720*90. If the web address is

5, and the code window take the same way, only the width=920 height=90 two number changed to 1, 1 can be.

      have a reasonable and clear structure, especially date directory structure and tags structure

      procedural recommendation Z-blog; others are good.

      a rich and convenient interactive function that allows users to review and express their opinions in the right way. Facts show that search engines prefer a more popular web2.0.

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