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actually do a keyword optimization, to make some achievements, and is steadily firmly maintained at a certain rank, do well in the station update has a certain security, after all, constantly update the consumer industry station right at the same time, to do well in the station optimization, as well as their website love Shanghai through various means of increasing weight so, you can gradually make robust and secure keyword ranking, this time to continue to release some of the high quality of the chain, and exchange some good friends of the chain of words, then the site overall weight must be steady rise, so that the keyword can be gradually increased to their ideal position, so as to obtain good effect of search engine marketing the.

do a keyword optimization work, but need more persistence and patience.

since then, keyword density should be limited to a certain level, then use the way of the chain around the chain, do, do, do signature classification information forum…… I can leave the chain where they leave a lot, regardless of whether the right, anyway, see a good article on the first copy, and then change the link inside, into his own, and then released to the forum, so do the chain, continues to this day, some people still use, but also in truth. It is precisely because of this unusual work. Let love Shanghai, continue to strictly control, the means to suppress, so now the chain is more and more difficult, because if the garbage outside the chain too much, then love Shanghai will be punished.

in the past because the search engine is not perfect, there are many loopholes, such as the early keyword density, the higher density, then ranked relatively better, so there is a lot of articles made by stack keyword ranking, an article can be out of order the right questions, write is singing, then the content can be write java country, but there are a lot of keywords but such dense, post has a good position, then love Shanghai found this loophole, this approach is no longer feasible, keyword density now can only be maintained at a certain level, if again the high density, has even occurred right down the situation.

for example, the author in the keyword "Kbox box" optimization, which is considered a problem, to the hypermarkets consumers under what conditions here >

as optimization work execution, we need to grow with the company, in the keyword optimization, at the same time, we need to keep learning, what is to understand his own optimization of these keywords? Why should optimize? What is the marketing effect after optimization? If we can optimize keywords at the same time. While carefully thinking of the above problems, then we can stand in the use of our products, the potential consumers to think in terms of the.

as a promising market, takes time to cultivate, similarly, a robust and efficient keyword optimization, but also need patience and perseverance.

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