Shanghai dragon often headache, not included, can not talk about ranking index. In particular, to achieve a certain scale website, the website is a full collection of troubling Shanghai Dragon technology, for example, when the page reached hundreds of thousands, no matter how, how to optimize the site architecture design, 100% included is impossible, can only try to improve the collection rate. But sometimes how to prevent search engines may also become a problem recently, has increasingly become a problem. To prevent the recorded information as confidential information, copy the contents, advertising links etc.. The commonly used methods include stop included password protection, put content in the table behind, the use of JS/Ajax, Flash etc.. Today saw an article in the blog network noble baby, these methods are not insurance.

JS link has been not as a search engine friendly method, so it can prevent the spider crawling, but two or three years ago, I saw the JS link can not stop the nobility baby spiders, not only in JS URL will be climbing, simple JS can be executed to find more URL.

is currently the only way to ensure the content not included robots file is prohibited. But there is also a disadvantage, losing weight, although the content is not included, but the page only accept the link weight, not out of the weight of the bottomless pit.

noble baby began to try to grab Flash content a few years ago, simple text content can crawl. Flash links can also be tracked.

The use of Flash

Nofollow does not guarantee not to be included. If all your site links pointing to the page with the NF>

Robots file



noble baby spiders also can fill in a form, can also grab the POST page request. This can be seen from the early log.

have found many sites use Facebook comments plug in the comments were crawled, indexed, the plug-in itself is a AJAX. This is good news. I am an experimental e-commerce website comment function because of this a lot of thought, with the Facebook comments plug-in greatly, what specific benefits after the time again, the only problem is the comment is AJAX, and the product can not be crawled, comments are included is one of the purposes (the original content). I think for a long time there is no solution, not only had to foolishly put on Facebook comments plug and open the cart itself comments. Now, Facebook comments’s comments can be included, have two sets of comments function.

A few days ago Use the

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