back to the station in the new perspective, why I emphasize execution? First of all, do the chain in the ordinary sense, the difficulty is not very high, many resources are abundant, have ample time, see if you can endure boring repetitive behavior, can stick to your plan. For example, newcomers love to the forum to do outside the chain, in the ten day forum posts is not what difficult, 100 a reply does not seem to be very difficult, but you can one day one thousand? Even if it made one thousand, the problem is that the amount of post you can insist on it. If you don’t have to hold on to do things. I’m not here to encourage novices every day so many posts, but that should be closely integrated, execution plan and reasonable execution can be reflected, we must consider the actual effect, then do the 100 forum signature than others but found a high quality of the chain, is what you this is the second heart? I just mentioned — the process of rookie outside the chain must gradually grasp the data statistic and analysis ability, pay more attention to your doing this chain is no effect, to what effect? I recommend new people every day in this record of his own work "that is, traces of which platform you are made outside the chain, the anchor text or URL, the specific URL address of the chain. They will be stored in the excel document, regular inspection and analysis. This process, you will find that effective outside the chain, and then extended, better supervision of their work, don’t let yourself have a lazy idea.

lot of Shanghai Longfeng rookie may have had this experience: every day to do a lot of the chain, but a few days found that the chain query did not increase, some puzzling frustrating feeling. In fact, they are said to do a lot of the chain are broadly popular outside chain, just made, may see from the user, but the Shanghai dragon perspective, is not included, the chain only included the significance for our Shanghai dragon, is the effective external links. Rookie must understand a truth, a lot of the time you do the chain will not the same day or a few days will be reflected in the statistical tools, like Shanghai or Google every month there will be a large update, at that time the chain number you will be a blowout, the premise is that you keep a straight before execution force. So, do not send the chain one or two days did not see obvious growth or even negative to become dejected and despondent.

of Shanghai dragon rookie, the chain, the execution is necessary, and should be in the process of the hair chain gradually mastered the data statistics and analysis, it will let you foreign chain resources mining and integration of great help, will deepen your understanding of foreign chain. Continue to insist, will continue to experience and experience.


novice to do outside the chain of love to the forum, in addition to the blog. I often see in Shanghai Longfeng Forum > rookie

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