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if you have a lot of classification, but also do not have enough energy to arrange, each channel is updated every day again, then it is hungry! Search engines give different website ranking, is to fully see this site do not! And, as small and fine, so some although the website "single", but the ranking is absolutely not poor

is the first study: the scale of website and update

second research points: what is the effective coverage of

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what is not included? The diagnosis of a cartoon type of site today, the website last month, collected from 90W included, fell to 14W, one of the important reasons: playpage pictures turn a page a picture, for a URL link, at the same time also not directly call display. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis are presented to modify the detailed scheme, unfortunately the other technique is too lazy, that cannot be modified, since we can not.

is a standard enterprise station, updated daily 3 article original, as long as the basic optimization is not too bad, then the ranking is absolutely can not check! And a portal, the same day update 3 articles, or the acquisition or original, the results are just a: that is like a "die"! The grain of rice can feed a group of ants to eat for several days, and a grain of rice is not really enough elephant teeth is the same reason

in answer to this question, here I have a question to ask more webmaster friends, do you think how much will the spider included, and the ranking is proportional to

on the surface can see things, then what is the reason to promote it good and stable? Of course, we enter below the point, before this, you can also consider this issue, it is worthy of further study.

before we use the example of his blog included a higher percentage, so the effect is better, but there is also an additional conditions: stable included! If your site included is very high, but up and down, only that the information included, there are invalid

believe that many webmaster, also did not think of such a problem. We give an example: "since the media, personal blogs tend to be more prone to ranking, why? These sites do not update the number ah, at most is also a day to write an article! So why did he have to rank? The reason is very simple: a collection of high percentage, and good stability if it included! Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index point of view, this website has a very obvious feature: the collection is basically unabated, rarely appear slump, violence included this situation.

my site every day to be included, but why do not always rank? I believe that the one hundred station, at least 60 webmaster have such puzzled! Because my site is small, because my site is not known? Or because the so-called bidding unspoken rule? < / p>

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