reason: such as accumulation keyword, and hidden text and so on. If there is such a situation, even if you included the love of Shanghai, don’t be glad that they can mix in the past, because when the update will gradually eliminate. Another may be two level domain and cross connect blog. Of course there are solutions.

keyword and description of unreasonable

love Shanghai rules at all sites, it is difficult to go to each site to make different rules, this is not realistic, so long in site has not been included, or included not stable, we must look at their website, find the problems, to develop the corresponding solutions, persevere, will be favored by the love of Shanghai.

forget Shanghai dragon

persevereThe reason: in fact, >

solution: stay two or three keywords in the title is enough, too many search engines do not love. Whether it is love or Google Shanghai. It is also recommended that you set for the page name + name + special theme website. As for the keywords, plus you never mind, but at least the page should have some related content. Describe the setting is very simple. As long as the language fluent, make a rough summary of the page keywords appear two or three times is enough.

solution: after collection, slightly modified to release. Don’t be too lazy to move the mouse, knock on the keyboard, the simple over. Change the frame structure of the article, or part of the contents of this paragraph and, at least a bit and others are not the same place.

solution: put your own page change. In addition, the two level domain name can not be used frequently. There are blog cross connection can now be said very little, which can save one or two, were deleted.

for many new owners, included the amount of love Shanghai become the focus of attention, even in the first station every day can’t help to love Shanghai check, collected, and whether it is love Shanghai, many times were disappointed, included in the rules of blame love Shanghai. Once also had to give up the idea, or later in the persuasion of friends insist on down, to share some of their own experience.

website content quality

: the title and keywords too many choices, some owners love to search relevant keywords are put in. In fact, you put more is useless. Also described is unreasonable, if you build the station, so this certainly useful, necessary to set up.

: Web content is almost all collected, and collected those very popular articles. Love Shanghai may suddenly be included you thousands of pages, but the love of Shanghai included, after a period of time, it will re search Oh, if your content has no value to speak, must be discarded.


site optimization too

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