for the website optimization and the user experience is compatible with problems, many owners feel very difficult to start, although the love Shanghai optimization guide mentioned the importance of user experience, but some aspects can not be better if the optimization, website ranking does not go on, it is difficult to obtain better benefits, after all, our ultimate goal of website operation or for profit. Then there is no way to achieve the perfect unity of website optimization and user experience? The answer is yes, but in the love of Shanghai new algorithm under the rules, this unity has become more simple, only need to proceed from the following aspects, it can effectively achieve the perfect unity of website optimization and user experience.

so how to better optimize the title? According to a survey of love Shanghai search engine, questioning the user’s search rate accounted for more than 50% in various ways to search, which indicates that more users love the question sentence way to search, then in the Title Optimization, it should be optimized by way of question sentence then, can effectively enhance the visibility of the title. And this question Title solution can effectively help users, so it is easier to get the favor of users, this will undoubtedly enhance the user experience.

third, according to the essence of the content can be set to recommend. The benefits of doing so on the one hand can improve your search engine, and the essence of the content to provide more exposure, so to enhance the site’s exposure rate and the weight of the website is.

second, the optimization of internal links. The best way to optimize the internal links is implementation of web search optimization and unified user experience. Order of internal links, no dead links, or set of 404 pages, which can effectively solve the spider crawling obstacles encountered in the station, so it can increase the smooth degree of the spider crawling. Optimized link station, especially the optimization of correlation between extended reading, can let the user through a content quickly locate relevant content, so as to let the user for a problem to obtain more comprehensive information, so as to effectively help users, so in the station link optimization, optimization expansion needs the correlation between reading, in 404 dead link page optimization, you can also set some interesting pictures, reduce the user to open the dead links that reflect the sense of irritability, so also the reunification of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and user experience.

first, the title of the content optimization strategy. To search engine, the title of the importance of website content is enormous, because the search engine for web content included is the first web content title, and users of web content to display the title. Therefore, reasonable optimization of the title of the website can effectively achieve the perfect search engine optimization and user experience fusion. Here the webmaster must avoid the title of the party, to find the combination of search engine optimization and user experience, although the title of the party to promote the love of Shanghai and collected the user clicks, but it does no good for the user experience. So it is necessary to avoid the title of the party.

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