remember when my site just online, Google on my website is very care, also included in the day to day increased, even reached the second effect. Perhaps it is because my space in the United States, Google engine access causes relatively fast. But in Chinese access that can speed the compliment, so I put the space moved back home, after tossing a few times, Google finally hit my site eventually could not escape the punishment of the hair is pulled out. But I do not rely on Google to flow, and did not care, continue to check the chain, see the Alexa ranking. It was found that Alexa fell. It is caused by the Google punishment? After a period of time, the Alexa website ranking plummeted, more sure the original doubts, according to Alexa website ranking and Google included quantity should have certain effect. Until now, my site in Alexa ranking No.

, although Google has pulled out China for a long time, but as a foreign search engine to China website impact is the The imprint is engraved on my heart. until now, there is still a considerable part of the webmaster are still doing Google ads every day for Google website optimization. But once the Google search engine punishment, the negative impact on the site will come. Someone may ask, that what can influence, is nothing more than PR will become zero, don’t worry, look at the author yiyidaolai.

The influence of

the above is not difficult to see that the site is Google punishment, whether it is on the site itself, or on the external website optimization have effects can not be ignored. In view of the influence, the author is not based on strong, more research is needed to confirm the webmaster. According to the experience of narrative text, hope to help the webmaster. The 贵族宝贝movie521贵族宝贝 editor, please keep the source.

This paper summarizes the

from the outside, the site was Google after the punishment of the influence is more serious. When do the webmaster Links, usually preferred site the PR value high, many webmaster to the level of PR and to determine whether the website of Links. Since the site was punished by Google, behoove of the website of the PR value is zero, which is no doubt the webmaster in Links this piece has a certain influence, and is difficult to optimize the site to increase. Of course, this does not mean that there is no website and do Links, I think there are still many owners rely on other engines to get traffic.

Effect of

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