When the The first stage of the search engine algorithm:

search engine algorithm in second stages: hyperlink analysis

keyword density

algorithm in the beginning of the search engine is a keyword density, do believe that Shanghai dragon friends are aware of this point. Of course, the search engine to determine correlation between a website ranking is the keyword density. So at that time as long as the awareness of Shanghai dragon friends, as long as their own websites or web pages can increase the density of keywords to get good rankings. It is because of this cheating people is very simple, the more ridiculous is to get keywords ranking. In a completely unrelated "as long as the appropriate keywords can be ranked as a simple example, if a yellow web site, as long as the home page layout on the site a lot of Shanghai Longfeng this word, you search it can row in front of Shanghai dragon. It greatly hurt the user experience, so the search engines will think of a way to make improvements, so we come to the second stage of the search engine algorithm development.

as you know, the search engine algorithm is that change unpredictably, search engine over the years is the continuous development, continuous improvement. Maybe today is this algorithm, tomorrow will be another algorithm. This algorithm works, next year this algorithm is not so different. So some sites use this way to obtain this year ranked next year when the search engine algorithm change, keywords ranking drop. We know the latest search engine has become our constant pursuit of the goal of Shanghai dragon er. According to relevant sources, Google a year of adjustment for the algorithm is about 500 times the average count down, there is a 1.5 day algorithm adjustment, so today we have great significance on the history of the development of the search engine algorithm. Then talk about the search engine algorithm is how over the development, the most important is the trend for the future personal comment, we discuss together.

is due to the keyword density algorithm is not perfect, so that the representative of Google search engine on the algorithm was improved that links, also is the chain we often say. It is also very simple principle, Google is judging whether a website is welcome by the user, that is if your site is user love, then the user will put a link to your site to share everywhere. Each link is on a website to vote, if the chain more of your website, that is to say someone on your website is more recognized, we often say that the vote. In fact, when the search engine development stage. Although compared to now is not very perfect, but the ratio of keyword density algorithm in a N times, Google is the first proposed hyperlink algorithm of search engine. This achievement is also today’s position of the Google search engine boss, so the search engine algorithm enters the era with vigour and vitality outside the chain, the chain of course time is not perfect, still can not meet the needs of users, and the search engine is.

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