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three website weight

as close to the 121:75 ratio, the search mechanism will be according to the proportion of the main content in the website clipping and display pictures.

love Shanghai release search results show the answers of the picture, "dutushidai" officially entered into the search results, display results, and this improves the clicking rate on the other hand, bring a large flow, let the webmaster more benefit.

love Shanghai this year to give the query interface webmaster open is a step ahead of time to relax, the report said the Ministry started at home IDC, the next few years, all websites may need to run for the record, and love Shanghai site site also began to show the record information.

for this strange phenomenon, many of them in the study of why was my website, and the website of others, later consulting industry veteran station will appear after the discovery of why this information, in fact this is judged according to the index, 800 is a demarcation point, when the index is greater than or equal to 800, site this web site will appear I type information, and the small and medium-sized enterprises index never reaches the critical value, nature will not appear. In fact, this is the same for the webmaster tools can be found, so can not too much to pursue.

webmaster only need to place the picture on the page in the main content, love Shanghai will identify the corresponding image size and site quality to determine whether you need to show.


I believe that for Shanghai dragon theory, the existence of a lot of Internet, Public opinions are divergent. is actually very similar, Shanghai dragon, now become more and more important, for which website can not ignore the website of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon similar means, actually we just lost in some small details, if you understand, will enjoy great benefits from in. Only God thinking, we can get the final success.

The size of the

the content of the picture should be closely related with the content, in order to attract users to click and deliberately placed irrelevant pictures, will be subject to the relevant handling mechanism.

two site for

recently wrote an article on the Shanghai love we need to determine the site weight value, the exchange is the main Links need, here is a simple talk about love that little weight in Shanghai. The weight is actually a very simple thing, the study found that a word index ranked in the top fifty, so Shanghai can reach a weight of love; and reach the weights of two need to love the flow of Shanghai is forecast to reach 100, the content of the site is we need to have a good construction.

information website

the reputation of Shanghai

we all know website optimization is to obtain good rankings > together to a combination of many small details

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