I from the chain of lottery sales software released the chain Commissioner China analytical work experience:

believe that the chain of friends all know, pseudo original tools. The bulk of the chain, the contents come from, can not go to the original, in order not to release lots of repetitive content, are generally pseudo original. This release the contents of low quality, mainly in order to be able to take the link, website promotion link.

2, released the chain content of low quality


most of the chain Commissioner to do a job like this, if released less will add some links exchange, the update of the work. General leadership will give every day the chain released KPI, complete the daily volume of mechanical line, as there is no need to consider the effect of the release.

1, collect the chain release platform

chain release platform need to make their own large collection, chain free publishing platform is mainly some forums, blogs, Post Bar, B2B platform, network of information etc.. When do the chain lottery sales software release, is also a large collection to the release of the chain platform, a large number of registered accounts issued by the title, until.

here I do not rule out the quality of the chain chain released by the High Commissioner of individual, but it can not resist the Shanghai dragon chain Commissioner situation. In the domestic short time to change this situation is not possible. Now the quality of search engines pay attention to the site’s content, then the latter will increase the optimization of the content. In fact, love is the reason why Shanghai would increase the foreign chain hit, but also because the garbage outside the chain to reduce the search engine user friendliness.

domestic chain specialist work very mechanical, can learn more outside the chain chain specialist release is low quality. In fact, I do the chain from lottery sales software released can feel, why in foreign countries, the Commissioner of the chain is a well paid and important work, because the chain is a very difficult thing, of course, the premise is released outside the chain of high quality. In the chain of lottery sales site software, publishing platform, free of charge, to find their own resources. High quality can release the chain platform is less and less. Then the domestic chain specialist for a variety of reasons, causing the entire chain workers reduced the quality of the chain, resulting in low wage, bottom chain Commissioner Office situation.

in Shanghai Longfeng work foreign chain specialist is an extremely important position, the reason is the chain of Shanghai dragon optimization is very large although love Shanghai foreign chain hit increase, but the importance of the chain on a website or can not be ignored. As long as the Shanghai dragon still exists, the external effect will not disappear. In foreign countries, Shanghai Longfeng chain commissioner is a well paid and extremely important position in China belongs to the lower position, not what requirements for education, experience. I just graduated from university in Shanghai Longfeng this line, also start from the outer chain specialist, do is to optimize the lottery website.

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