in this case, love Shanghai news source operations team quickly launched a clean-up of black news source of special action, in order to defend the user search experience. Considering the Olympic Games will increase during the Internet search, search the recent love Shanghai continue to increase treatment on the black news source site, not through regular announcement for publicity, website site rectification notice. Those who love Shanghai in Webmaster Platform (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/) to verify the news source site can receive timely rectification notice or penalty, has not yet completed the verification site to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform verification, in order to receive timely notification, fast processing. Faced with the risk of being black, love Shanghai suggested that the site search reference "news source site to prevent black experience sharing" to do protection work. Once the black site can refer to "the website was hacked into the gaming porn pages guide", the correct processing by "404 protocol chain + using love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain submission tool".

in addition, Shanghai has also launched a search for love to crack down on news resources repeated low quality of commercial soft, issued illegal content behavior, and expressed the hope that the majority of Internet users at any time supervision, once found the website "by black" or illegal content, can fall in love with the sea through the user service center (贵族宝贝help.baidu贵族宝贝) to make a complaint.

recently, some users reflect, in the use of Shanghai love search, news search keywords in the press enter some vertical category, the results page will appear illegal content. This love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released a statement on the official micro-blog, said the situation is part of the news source site is illegal tampering, directing traffic to illegal websites, also known as "black".

it is understood that during the European Cup, love Shanghai in search of news source site suffered a serious "black", not only the information site has become the hardest hit, many of the original safety protection work well a large site was also black and garbage page. According to the July 22nd Shanghai love background monitoring search data show that just 10 minutes of 18 sites were more than the black page 80% of the total, some high quality news sites also were poisoned".

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