in late December 2010, I wrote an article "on the small field of Internet market potential", focuses on the analysis of the market value and the significance of disdain in small field of Internet market entry for small owners some big and small giants. In that article, what I mean is that because I am Weakness lends wings to rumours., in accordance with the guidelines of the operation of individual small market website. In the process of the operation of the so-called, experienced some things, there are some insights, write down at the Spring Festival approaching, share with you all at the same time, I wish you all a happy new year.


chain is very important for the Shanghai dragon, age is

it is hard to do outside the chain of the site or the gradual increase of the chain of individual owners, their purpose is to enhance their own website on the Internet through the chain increases the exposure rate, so as to cause the search engine spiders of all ages, more or less in order to bring some traffic. In fact, a basic theory in there, a 1000 chain website can determine more awesome than only 10 of the chain website in search engine performance. Of course, the 1000 day chain is not increased, but a gradual increase in the number of days.

website content is king, but not the kingdom of

said above is mainly to prove the importance of website content, known as the "King" that is the intention. However, important to important content for the website is the "King", but the site is indeed a "kingdom" thing, in other words, the contents do not say the web site will be able to operate. There are other effects, a series of factors of website in the Kingdom plays a large and small so we should adhere to the principle: the content is very important, but it is not the whole, such as the chain, this paper will say next station age and other factors.

the contents of the site definition or queen or king, in short is to emphasize its importance, we do not have too much care about what in this word. Some of the recent period of time, the importance of website content is also referred to a new height, this is because each site must be user oriented, and users want the site to provide their own love; on the other hand, because each site in the importance of search engine optimization, like love Shanghai the Google search engine, more and more to the user experience as a web site to determine the standard of Shanghai dragon. In fact, these two aspects are unified, a website provides good content, so the user will miss it, then this site PV will increase, this is certainly conducive to the site’s ranking in search engines; for instance, this site provides good content is original, so that a search engine and the retrieved contents were compared after the discovery of this point, this website will be given a higher weight; in turn, for users, the only original content will also increase your viscosity, and increase of IP and PV.

and small field of Internet market

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