in our web spider crawling, will be the first of these pages were extracted, then the search engine in contrast to the entire database, to see if the same content information, copy is in our assessment of whether the contents of plagiarism, plagiarism, or part of the content is copied, low quality or content spam to search engine, because the database already exists in the similar or identical information, in comparison, the search engine will be scored for us ", qualified will be stored in the database are sorted to show users to search relevant keywords, and the rest of the page is not qualified, not included, this page is not to search in the search engine, can only be accessed directly through the web link.


the answer is useful to the user what is valuable to the search engine. From a certain level, web search engine is a program of "visitors, is also a web user, but the user of this special for our site with a judge’s power.

then how to make search engines to think that our website is a valuable website? This is also related to the daily work of the US, content updates. Web crawling robot search engine (called love sea spider, the spider to the following abbreviation. In our web page crawl), will the new page of our website first crawl, because the spider love new things, and search engines also need to collect new information to keep it to the user, so the user will always use the search engine, which is to maintain the user stickiness, if love Shanghai one day and can’t answer the given question, then you will use it? So that the website and search engine is a mutually beneficial relationship.

then the problem, how to make search engines love and included our page? Then say a few content update note:

first, original. The original is the basis for updating the content of an article, if it is a completely original content, reading fluency, clarity of content, regulations clear, so this is a very good original article, have a great chance to be contracted to Pastebin, if on this basis, the layout so beautiful, the font size is adjusted to suitable for reading, and related pictures, do illustrations, it can be said that this is a very good original article, be included the possibility of greatly increased. But if, even if you do your this point "has not been included, do not be discouraged, it is often the case, because you do not know the search engine.

in our Shanghai Longfeng work content, the content update is very important, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners often say "content is king, the chain for emperor" is on the site say the importance of a website want to have good rankings, they need to prove their value to the search engine, then what is the value of the search engine


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