1, see pages included rate and proportion of

generally, the weight of a web site, we can see the site included speed, big brother Dai Renguang in the article also give the example of the large portal station here, I’ll give you one, that is the WordPress blog system is more favorable for the optimization, because of its simple, more conducive to search engine crawlers, in general, many independent blog will be updated as long as the day to catch, some websites can even reach the second, how much hair, this website weight is high, health is incomparable. I think the amount included in the site is one aspect, but not absolute, some enterprise site updates we can do is very small, can not and those big website included tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, as long as we do the opposite to the 70%-80% will be included, that is quite good. Here is the site included the proportion, I think a site included the proportion reached 50% is very good. If we can do these two points, for the website of Shanghai Longfeng health included in the content and can grasp the good, not too much to care about what the content of the original and pseudo original, is not removed is the hard truth, included the proportion of high is the most healthy.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Just saw Dai Renguang write "Dai Renguang: the site of the Shanghai dragon health as the first" for the website optimization, the Shanghai dragon health of this concept is very interested in, and now have a lot of people do is a loss of Shanghai dragon, or a drift in, if not to think seriously about the website of Shanghai the dragon is healthy, such as some time ago to have a webmaster to find me, he had heard the forum outside the chain is very good, so it takes a lot of effort to find a lot of forum to do outside the chain, finally still find themselves do not, which I analyzed the reason, his website does not fall months the chain included is more than 5000, the execution is quite good, but many are outside the chain of garbage, or low weight of the chain, which do not meet The sea dragon health principle, gave him a suggestion: the chain of high quality, not excessive pursuit of quantity. He didn’t ask now how to do, but I believe that as long as he can stick to it, absolutely can do good.

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2, long tail keywords good ranking number

Shanghai Longfeng has been provided, also more and more of the issues to be taken, but really do actually not much, brother Dai Renguang had mentioned in the article are the three main health website: "Shanghai dragon included speed and included the number, the number of long tail keywords, the chain continued increased. Personally think that is not comprehensive enough, here’s my website for Shanghai Longfeng health view.


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