I found that the frequency of updates before the love of Shanghai is relatively stable, such as every Thursday Friday update, these are relatively fixed, but now I love Shanghai for the update seems to have become increasingly blurred, the author thinks that the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted weekly update reduction means website optimization time long, love Shanghai update interval longer, leading to longer website optimization.

update is love Shanghai as everyone knows, many owners are reluctant to face the problem, because most of the time we see is not against the harvest, as a webmaster we should analyse after love Shanghai to update the site changes through the details? Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip, love theme, Shanghai after updating the website with the obvious performance.

I found love in Shanghai after the update, a lot of capital update website ranking but not very ideal, but conversely many celebrities such as Zac blog blog although there is no update, but the ranking is very good, what explains this point, I think the content update update point to grasp the principle of patient is very important. If there is a high quality content when we of course want to update, if you only publish the article in order to optimize in order to attract spider, you may post their own website weight will only lead to more and more low.

The author analyzes the many

we know that love is just a Shanghai spider, with the escalation of love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm, has been simulated thinking of web pages and pages included, especially the keyword ranking also gradually to the human brain in the way of thinking, love Shanghai after the big update, the user experience seems to be the core point of the web site keywords ranking, plus love Shanghai determine the user experience is not very accurate, it leads to many low user experience of the website has a good ranking, high user experience of the website did not get the required ranking, this situation does exist, as >

fourth, love Shanghai spiders crawl simulation people’s user experience.

third, love Shanghai update time elusive.

second, website content updates for the website weight and influence ranking.

first, the website chain weight is for Shanghai dragon shark’s fin or chicken ribs.

enterprise website, because enterprise station is the main position of optimization, through the study found that the chain still has effect on love Shanghai optimization, but the weight of the chain seems to have a clear downward trend, but the author found that before large-scale chain group compared to the current impact of the chain for the website weight has been gradually reduced, the author found that many popular keywords such as Xi’an Shanghai dragon, Xi’an site optimization, we found a lot of good keywords ranking, the chain is very small, some sites even if there is no chain, on its own links to obtain the very good ranking. So, how is the current site outside the chain chain construction must carefully consider the problem.


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