recently love Shanghai, is also experiencing a turbulent period, the strategic adjustment, executives frequently change.

love Shanghai originally with the technical means to achieve high-quality content aggregation, seize the contents of the PC side flow entrance. However, with the mobile terminal media was born, since the media everywhere flower, WeChat public number, today’s headlines, news client, a Sohu and a public information media platform gradually become the main way for users to access information. Since the rise of the media is to bring the presentation of fragmentation, fragmentation of content distribution channels, granulation, love Shanghai originally simplified interception of content distribution channels facing the challenge is not small.

executives, love Shanghai, big stalls.

?The changes of




news source, to upgrade the VIP club, was aware of the traditional content distribution is not suitable for the needs of the times, quality of content sources is the root user for the future.

‘s chief scientist, leading Shanghai love love Shanghai’s artificial intelligence research, Wu Enda issued an open letter on March 22nd, said it would work in Shanghai love to resign. Wu Enda said before leaving, AI artificial intelligence is the biggest opportunity too much, too little talent."

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued a notice to cancel the news source system, instead of the upgraded VIP club. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform subsequently conducted in-depth analysis of the behavior and the answer, according to the way of summarizing the following points.

. Love Shanghai recognize counsels? Big deal!

followed, love Shanghai senior vice president, before the automatic driving division general manager Wang Jin has publicly said the official departure from Shanghai love. Perhaps because of disagreement, Wang Jin and top idea led part, love Shanghai unmanned technology development is also run

However, the love of Shanghai announced the cancellation of

fell in love with the sea overwhelmed canceled news source system, the source at the end of the PC news source site waste too much, cause some loss of users, causing irreparable situation, must have recognized counseling, last ditch.

first, simply to news sources included as part of high quality content standards will make no way to show to the user before, now can use technology to achieve the whole network quality content judgment, point to point to push the user interested content based on user behavior from the portrait, and so that more excellent content can be more accurate user browsing and retrieval.

two. Deep love Shanghai cancel news source why? Quality content included and how to display

recently, network media reports and the circle of friends Shuabing PA screen for non two things, one is "the love of Shanghai announced the cancellation of the news source system", two is "the WeChat index quietly on the line," Internet insiders exclaimed "traditional marketing era is over, since the media marketing era".

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