The need for specific cases to analyze and optimize the

section of the best title is a direct write key, fluent phrases that contain the keywords. Some 20 ton crane, 50 ton crane, 5cm 8cm imitation marble, imitation marble, this kind of column title repeat degree is high, the reason is you of your products are not familiar with, we can introduce from various attributes of the product specification, type, origin, usage and so on, so as not to repeat, and more a page to grab a keyword, you can find bar >

column page is more general, a column page from scratch is divided into four steps, the operation strategy of layout planning.


: OK, here all the preparatory work has been completed, to the specific implementation of the.


layout: determine your site layout, the layout of a common topic pages, pictures, text, graphic page page links page, single page etc.. (pictures and text pages of the best experience, recommend the use of a special page or web page, try not to put all of the columns are made of the same page.

strategy layout, layout planning decisions, the specific operation plan to go, so you must be the most important strategy.

to promote the deal, most of them are single page, in a single chain, less content, may be only a few dozen screen, screen, but because the content is all concentrated in one page, so open the slow speed must be resolved, and the layout of the page should be beautiful, very scientific, can attract users. Then the conversion.

is a web site to obtain the long-term stability of the rankings, absolutely impossible words alone home, we need more page ranking, the weight of general site are home page, column page, content page, the home page content page to do core keywords, long tail keywords, and our discussion today is how to the four step is to make website column page ranking.

plan: determine your website pages somewhere in the page the content and layout is closely related to what.

column page has many forms, such as blogs, the column page column page and forum column page is certainly not the same, there is a special form of column page, column page is some text or links in the form of column page in different forms, the optimization method is not the same.

specific analysis of specific cases, this here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of column page I give you, is the need to consolidate the advantage, I will focus on the disadvantages.

strategy: first determine the type of your site column page, such as blog, enterprise station, ShangCheng Railway Station, forum and so on are different. Then determine the direction of your site, profit model and so on, in this step, you must know what the website is doing.

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