blog content to withstand the scrutiny of

just in front of the writer said, now we do independent blog more for their own commercial purposes, so Lu Songsong’s blog search Daquan, you will find a lot of blogs is the name + Shanghai Longfeng pattern, not homogenization >

Set up the environment to consider the

summary: early we can go to apply for free space, this blog for debugging, at this stage, the blog program, theme and article to be prepared in advance, don’t wait to go to the blog online decide these things, one of the site is not ideal, the second also can not guarantee the quality of the work.

Internet is indeed a very special place, whether you have the background, there are no connections, as long as you have the technology, tenacity, so you can call all sorts of difficulties, to realize their dream of gold, Lu Songsong is now the blog, from a grassroots jump into the celebrity IT field. Lu Songsong is on the persistence and learning itself. Of course, the success of Lu Songsong not only bring honor and wealth. And this is obviously we do blog more power, through the blog to their own set a gilded signboard, thereby increasing the weight of my own career, more money to have the opportunity to earn more, realize their dreams. But when you set such a lofty goal, you will understand after the road difficult to walk, if not toss, not as small as unremitting self-improvement, so blog is not really suitable for you to do.


a lot of bloggers in the blog will be due to various reasons, choose a small space and does not need to record this in the economic space, and the operation level has certain advantages, but the blog is a long live, not a day for two days you will be able to set up a successful, even some time Hot Blog growth needs for 7 years, so if you iron the heart to do blog, then choose an independent IP space is best, of course, do not state, select a virtual host is also possible, but I suggest you in this if you try to record the record, no way that is, China characteristics, record website development bottleneck must be a lot less than the foreign space.

on the site selection of the program, before seen a writer, describes in detail the advantages and disadvantages of WP and ZB, personal feeling is well worth reading, especially the novice friends to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both, when the conversion is not a simple thing. But I still suggest that you choose zblog, after all, the operation is simple and convenient, easy to use. But zblog also has its own shortcomings, it is lack of plugins and themes, if you do not understand the code, then there are more blog function, so ZB might not be your food. Remember to find a list of articles to adjust the plugin, find a whole afternoon, if WP, an estimated ten minutes to fix.

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