for the optimization of website promotion, the emphasis on content, pay attention to the chain and ignore the chain, in the industry have formed bad habits. Is the main reason for this situation, it is difficult to do the content itself, not to mention all the contents of organic as a whole, is even more difficult, on the other hand, what is the point in the chain related pages would point to the home is good? This is currently not conclusive. The most critical is that many websites are scattered, and not a central point, this chain is unable to form a centripetal force.

how to effectively solve this problem? Many websites are actually on the website is very dependent, for example, when the line on the website, the website architecture has been basically in good planning, how to how the category which includes several items, the optimization process in the future, news and information programs are often do the update, outside chain is mainly for home page optimization. For the ordinary small website, looks very good solution, the content, the chain, the internal links, basically ignored, because it is the inside pages of an article in an article, do not need the organic series.

however, the question is, how is the website operation time? An enterprise wants to survive in the industry, there is always a main product, as now the content of entrepreneurship from the media people, to live is to a field of fine roots dig, become "experts" after have loyal iron powder. Then, one can continue the operation of the site, there must be a key point. Perhaps, the website operation is to imitate others, feeling the stones, and adapt to the rules of Internet website, you should find the direction, the website all around the center optimization. In the face of many competitors, the premise chain and content are flat, well within the chain construction seems perplexing, perhaps in the rankings, the opponent was a high, on the Internet, the first and the second is to bring traffic sometimes have more than doubled.

when visiting the web site, there is no feeling impatient, why is not just to see the contents of the users caused by impatience may be the structure of your site is not ready, the cause of this situation may have a relationship with the original construction site, construction period chain will also affect the site, when the website is more and more content accumulation, drop the user experience, search engine to access the site is difficult, even if the site has done a lot in the chain, or the effect is not obvious, this time what to do

refers to the logical structure of the website structure, website logical structure is divided into flat structure and tree structure, the flat structure is very simple, from home to home channel to the content page. Simple content website can do so, however, once the content is complex, and how to do 3-5 optimization or more channel page, here you need logic tree structure, classification, frequency > tree logic structure



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