3, your website can stick to the user

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in general, the proportion of stores and web page is called the click rate in search results. Although the click rate is mainly determined by the ranking has decided, but the characteristics of popularity, user experience, Title Difference in writing website, there will be "although PageRank may rely on, but the click rate is high the phenomenon of" Oh! Of course, as Shanghai Longfeng professionals, analysis of web page hits, a a very important role in the late Shanghai dragon strategy adjustment. Of course, if your analysis precision, then the rankings will be very normal

took a small example, although just over the Hefei talent network not long, can meet this adjustment, coupled with the large Boss all day on the website of the attention, then how to carry out the work of Shanghai Longfeng become an important current direction of thinking. Of course, before you know how to work, Xiao Bian think we need to understand that the love Shanghai algorithm tends to adjust what! In fact, love Shanghai in recent years has been in the pursuit of the user experience, this adjustment is also hope website content to be valuable to users, so that if your site not to provide valuable demand, so the existence of the site what is

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Ten thousand steeds gallop. Xiao Bian found that in May 2016, made a great degree of adjustment of course love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm, search engine algorithm adjustment in the "three days of a minor, five days a big move", this adjustment let many webmaster friends may be at a loss what to do! Novice practitioners Shanghai Dragon don’t feel and because they are just beginning to understand the Shanghai dragon stage, confusion is the most important, but for those working for a long time the webmaster friends, then how to optimize the site is currently an urgent need to consider the issue.


1, the so-called web traffic and Alexa ranking

in terms of Shanghai dragon, the website viscosity is mainly composed of pop-up rate, residence time and visit the page number.

clear love Shanghai to adjust the orientation of the webmaster friends still need to sit up and take notice, after all, it seems, is very important to promote the keywords ranking is Shanghai dragon in link. God said, the Internet user behavior is not the basic people to imagine influence on the site keywords ranking, so the study of user behavior that affect the rankings is the next webmaster can not ignore the focus

maybe someone asked, this is the user behavior? It doesn’t look like, but the site traffic and Alexa are ranked according to the user’s popularity on the site to distribute, isn’t it? So took over the new website, or adjust the old site of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, we must first understand clearly the two indexes

2, users click rate, is the need to pay close attention to

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