Zhou Hongyi of Qihoo 360 (micro-blog) also said that 360 is not plagiarism, will not do a search in Shanghai as like as two peas with love. 360 will be combined with the browser to launch the "vertical search" business. The so-called vertical search, is a professional search engine for a particular population, domain specific or specific needs and related services to provide some valuable information and.

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recently, Tencent senior executive vice president Li Haixiang said, the Tencent will increase R & D investment of Tencent soso, an additional 1 billion force Tencent to search business next year. The coveted love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s old rival Qihoo 360. The day before, the Qihoo 360 announced its entry into the search field, the search engines love Shanghai boss status is being challenged. Five years ago, love Shanghai and Google can be said to dominate the world, and the two well-known Internet Co specializing in the search business. But now the situation has quietly changed, the boss of traditional Internet search engine is now subject to various challenges, in just two weeks, two local search engine companies have announced in China has surpassed Google, and will be directed at the local search engine boss love Shanghai.

day before the start of the nine Tencent soso great in strength and impetus brand promotion plan. CTO Xiong Minghua said publicly in 2012, will invest nearly 1 billion yuan for research and development. As Chinese has the largest Internet users of the Tencent, Ma Huateng said earlier that the Tencent must be tailored for users to meet the needs of all levels of the online life industry model, which belongs to "search network information transmission and knowledge acquisition of this level, in order to meet the basic needs of users.

recently, other domestic Internet giants have also targeted search market segments. In addition to the Tencent and 360, Alibaba (micro-blog) launched last year comparison shopping search Amoy network; Ma Yun (micro-blog) said at this year’s Conference on network operators, Alibaba do Amoy "is to let love Shanghai can’t sleep sleep". Sina also recently launched micro-blog search page, trying to seize the initiative in the micro-blog search field. Only in the search market active for many years Sogou third quarter of this year for the first time to achieve profitability, becomes the love of Shanghai after the second profitable China search engine company.

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after Sogou claims to have temporarily exceeded traffic accident in 360, Google, Tencent announced the same day to force the search engine market, the Internet search engine China challenge long held the position of boss love Shanghai. Other domestic Internet giants have also targeted the search market segments, a snatch of the search engine market is being staged in the war. However, the giants are busy to snatch the search market at the same time, also the existence of this or that defects of short board needs to be improved. At the same time, the industry are optimistic about the community vertical search field, thus, the vertical search or a search for future development direction.

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