love Shanghai spider is used by IP to capture, at the same time to a number of IP crawl is limited, if many sites on your IP, then assigned to grab a site will become low, especially with large IP. On the other hand, with the IP website or sensitive site and your site is similar to the station, will also affect your site to grab from the side, so try to select the independent IP website optimization.

most of the webmaster know the importance of love Shanghai general web crawler, you participate in the rankings to be divided into four steps, namely, crawling, indexing, which included the show, grab is the first step we do in Shanghai dragon website optimization, then the problem, Ji’nan Shanghai dragon training to tell you what the operation of Shanghai Longfeng station the influence to Ji’nan Shanghai dragon love Shanghai website optimization spider

website optimization will affect the crawler crawl


to see if there is a large

site on your IP

although there is no original content love Shanghai’s official word in the document, in fact love Shanghai want to express the content is as long as the customer useful content, though not original, but also give good rankings, so there are a lot of the original content for non content production method, is a good idea the content module and random combination, the effect is very good, also included good. But most of the webmaster understand the original is reproduced and copied, pseudo original, spiders love Shanghai for this kind of site attitude as can be imagined. Ten thousand steps back, if you really want to be a pseudo original, you must ensure that at least 30% of the difference, can use the combination of methods to solve.

web site to ensure that another aspect of quality is a kind of love for Shanghai included the site is limited, Shanghai included love will give you the website ranking your site before, according to the rating decision is how much the amount included in your website, this is the fundamental reason for a long time included many webmaster will drop. Therefore, we need to do to improve the number of included, the fundamental reason is to provide high quality content page to cover the search needs, but unfortunately, the high quality of the content of the page is original, so want to be lazy to create pseudo original article content can save the long standing.

love Shanghai


webmaster must always Caution! Of your site, such as open, black chain jump, crawl WEBSHELL, webmaster want to recover the first time, and make the corresponding remedial measures in Shanghai webmaster tools. The general website was hacked results are linked to the black chain, so it is time to look at your source code is not added a lot of black chain, black chain is batch, visually very easy to distinguish. If you do not timely treatment, love Shanghai crawl relevant page or to jump.

site security

What are the details of the

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