website weight is the webmaster has been more concerned about the place, some weight good site, will get the search engine popularity, however, the weight only in the proof of website in a field to obtain the user’s favor, but not comprehensive, in the field of electronic commerce, Taobao is only two boss, however, if a blog, it may be Sina micro-blog, this is the difference between the weight of the weight, why should we say, is to let the owners to avoid such mistakes, my website weight is very high, so the love of Shanghai is very friendly to me, I can neglect the management of content, relative to a new station, with a certain weight site already there is a certain "status", this position is who give you? Is the search engines or users, or a large number of external links, we should put this into Clear. The weight is for your data, these data is generally cold, perhaps the search engine users buy your account, but whether these, they pay more attention to the topic they care about.

this is why many sites use the pseudo original content will occupy Shanghai love the first few pages, with reasons of quantity. >

search engine optimization in order to obtain a search engine for the purpose of goodwill, here we must first distinguish between two concepts, do optimization is the people, and the search engine web spider is the machine, the operation rules of spider love Shanghai love Shanghai in addition to internal staff, can rarely be outsiders, at the same time, in addition to love the sea the spider, manual intervention is very powerful, so we must fight and spider wisdom, and fight! To opportunistic odds is not large, only a solid step for the website optimization. People want to have a rest, usually two days to rest under normal work a week, holidays and vacation, at this time, some owners often start to, neglect to update or reduce the frequency of updates, want to steal a lazy! But, love is not a spider in Shanghai, it will be a day visit on a regular basis if, after a period of time, no update frequency is fixed, the spider after a series of complex conversion, because the owners of the lazy, may let the spider on the website of the friendly degree began to decrease. Want to get the spider’s favor, the need for more times harder, so the first details of our attention is the website update no rest days, unless your site has the ability to be able to get rid of dependence on search engine.

on site optimization means, most webmasters follow certain rules, but use the same means of site optimization, its effects are significantly different, why would this effect? The people occupy the important reasons, like the same fried dishes, some people do taste great, but some people do just passable. Why is this gap, we do a simple analysis, perhaps before the technology is not very mature, many people follow the stereotype, not the spirit of innovation, the same, the mature process is still not completely follow, then the effect is worse. The practice proves that there is no best, only better, and these outstanding manner that is the innovation in detail.

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