first, we engaged in Shanghai Longfeng positions, the most common is the Network Promotion Commissioner of the post. Precisely the idea of optimization has already begun in the site before, so in Shanghai Longfeng positions on the more you should consider is the layout of the site, as well as the choice of keywords. Even if you are in the company, also need to consider the layout of site at the moment, and the choice of keywords, combined with marketing ideas to make a comprehensive analysis of their own website, do not blindly "bricks", only into their best marketing ideas, to maximize the benefits of the optimization of the key word. Is the real success.

all the different industries, which existed in Shanghai Longfeng different meaning. For example, the traditional industry is too sometimes really is not suitable for Shanghai dragon, like some kind of industrial raw materials, logistics and distribution has some special requirements, and some have even been limited by some problems in the region. Often this kind of industry product name basically no search volume, it can optimize the well meaning where? No index keyword optimization and blind, not throw line, go online for.

have shown that the scarlet letter, Shanghai dragon is a popular mode of network marketing, note that it is a way of network marketing, network marketing and not all. So many people are often trapped to die out in Shanghai Longfeng box, here to share some examples and we tell you, don’t put yourself trapped in the Shanghai dragon.

today and we shallow analysis of the function about network marketing cover. The website is your weapon of war, and not every master with swords, spear sticks can’t play power? After reading this article I hope you have some help.


1. is not combined with marketing ideas and promotion personnel

Shanghai dragon? I love Shanghai’s official answer: Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), a Chinese version of search engine optimization, network marketing is more popular, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities.

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3. ranking blind pursuit of human

2. is not combined with industry idea promotion personnel

What is the

ER Shanghai Longfeng sleepy own problems, the blind pursuit of the home page ranking, the conversion of the word without considering the user experience, and so on, one of the reasons is the most prone to failure. I asked one of the most simple, the same 2 stations, you buy a piece of clothing you will choose a beautifully designed site, or a Shanghai dragon website? The answer obviously, the user experience is very important, open your site does not represent the transaction of any commodity or any business and you can only say that there is a first step. I asked the last sentence is "promotion" ranking exam? Or "snapshot" ranking

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