has some website design to do the search engine is very friendly, leads to the spider crawling and crawling, in fact, so as to form a spider trap. So, what is not conducive to the spider crawling and grab? Shanghai dragon Er are also should be how to avoid these spider trap? The following is to share their own experience.

three, flash


if the use of our website Session ID tracking user access, so that there will be a phenomenon, a different Session ID search engine every time we visit the page, even if the visit is the same page, it will not appear the same as ID, but the content is the same, just the formation of a repetitive content, this has also formed a spider trap, is not conducive to the website optimization. So we suggest that you don’t usually use cookies to generate Session ID.

two, Javascript link

six, dynamic URL

, a framework of

JS because there are many eye-catching amazing effects, many webmaster, use Javascript script to do some navigation. In fact, Javascript is also one of the more serious spider trap.

some owners to make the website visual effect excellent, they are on the site a large Flash. But everyone knows this also caused a spider trap. Because the search engine is HTML code, just a link to the Flash file link, and no text content. Whatever you do, look how beautiful, search engine, it can not see, can not index any text information, there is no correlation between his judgment. So, we should try to avoid or reduce the use of Flash.

, of course, some search engines are available on the Javascript link, can even execute the script and track link. But for some low weight website, still need not waste time, than to update some high quality articles, do some outside chain.

said that although the structure of the website maintenance and update a certain convenience. However, it is not conducive to the search engine. One of the factors that is now the framework is popular.

search engine is more sensitive to jump. If must jump, the search engine or recommend the use of 301 steering. The other way to jump are unfavorable to the search engine, because some black hat Shanghai dragon is often used to deceive the search engine and users. So not to be forced to do not use other jump.

four, Session ID


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