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today the dragon as usual to open the company’s website, this Saturday that there won’t be any new changes, surprisingly website ranking moment, used to refresh the webmaster tools can books remain unchanged, I am not willing to love Shanghai so directly proved completely the website keywords, the right to be reduced, so the ranking overnight to hundreds of meters away. Figure:


is outside the chain, this probability is smaller, because the site is in the maintenance period, every day I update the quantitative timing of a high quality paper, basically do not do what the chain, the chain of punishment probability is very small. Perhaps some will say is not for a long time have not done outside the chain, resulting in decreased the weight of the website and then bring down right? The Dragon according to their years of experience, because if the competitor is only beyond keyword decline, could not bring the site right down, and steps should be decreased the rhythm of the website will not let nothing overnight. Of course, the website is taking personal record, I can query so much personal record of the site have no problem, don’t let me alone in the website of the



then had to start site snapshots and included physical examination work, through the analysis of all normal. Check the server has not found what loopholes, but also to the speed of opening, the site has been hanging on the horse, site in the safety category. So the dragon that is not in the station there is a problem, think about these days inside the article is a word with a keyboard to knock out, love Shanghai search did not repeat what ah. Although there will be exhausted in thinking from the ideas of others, but personally think that the quality is not possible, the website will not be so long ranking, with each update of love of Shanghai will be timely included in the layout, keyword density is caused by fear of suspected of cheating, less than 1% probability each article in charge of time, then what is the problem?


as I thought to find strategies, suddenly thought of love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm this concept, it is the website of the external links should not be a problem? Ah, the company website optimization strategy is adopted in formal methods, the love of Shanghai is to get the sale of Scindapsus aureus algorithm against the chain or all other unfair by means of the link, not the chain website also just a few Links. Right, it is Links problems, skeptical I view the Links situation, surprised to find each other’s site was down the right, but his query Links more to my surprise, the original good site is down right will strike, and 7 the Links exchange site has five are relentless drop right, as shown in figure

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