three heads are better than one Zhu Geliang! Site outside the chain is the equivalent of the stooges, more and higher quality. If the Three Stooges are fools, better than? If the chain of poor quality can effectively improve the weight? The chain weight but also pay close attention to quality. A high quality outside the chain of more than ten spam chain. But the chain to improve the weight has a direct impact. Look at your website is good, the weight is high, without the aid of time weight query tool, which is from the outside of the chain to determine the matter. So, the webmaster do not covet the chain have been tens of thousands of that number to corruption will corrupt the matter. Pay attention to quality and quantity, quality and quantity is not the website weight fly? Weight, ranking far?

website weight let the webmaster love hate high weight weight!!! Is every webmaster dream. But how many people can do it? We all know how to improve the weight, but will do so, they also enhance the website weight. Just do not, all of them where this scold scold that, say this and that, not doing the real thing. So, we should not only see other people’s Web site of the weight of how how good, we should calm down to think about their weight, why so good, what have you done work. And then analyzes the factors which can affect the weight, in the end how to improve, how to do will reach their height. Life is not the lack of goals, the site is the same, the weight is the best goal.

web pages included, this is one of the fundamental factors of the most direct and the most basic embodiment of the level of weight, whether you agree or not, do not believe, a snapshot of what weight high website is very good, but when you send an article on the website, can a few in the search engine minutes you can directly search. We can look at the collection of some weight high website, is not that the problem, here, I draw a conclusion that high weight included is very good, included good weight too high. The two are complementary.

two factors: the quality of the chain

three factors: original content

said some of the site’s content is copy and paste as a good row >

One factor: website

the weight of this thing, people really hate and love. Why do you say that? Why high weight website, even for Links, most do not refuse. Because the weight is there, even if you don’t want to. This is a good basic. A deeper point is. High weight website ranking is not bad to go, since it can improve the rankings, so the weight is not a good thing? Website whether you agree or not, is to get a good ranking in the search engine, so you don’t waste all their hard work did move. What factors can be directly related to the weight of good and bad, high and low? The analysis below:

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