to search for the word "Chengdu tourism" in time to fall in love with the sea. Remove their products and love love Shanghai ranked Shanghai Aladdin cooperation in those rankings, only 2 on its own.

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"Shanghai dragon user experience" the word is how come? In fact, the user experience in various industries are mentioned, especially in the marketing industry, the user experience will be introduced in Shanghai Longfeng industry, it is Shanghai dragon training that several network marketing circles great god. Here I have no derogatory meaning, but they still on the "Shanghai dragon user experience" theory remained in marketing in the "user experience" that level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is still not essential. I believe that reading Zac by Zan Hui "Shanghai dragon actual combat password", people would be more clear he said "all the user good do bad to the user do not do. The website useful to users, search engines also love. The user is useless, the search engine is not love. Looking for and want to search engine rankings, is the user experience good site." This is the first time I read about "Shanghai dragon user experience" the new vocabulary description, then also think this sentence is reasonable. But the sum down is the site editor to stand in the user perspective, provide useful users search for content, only willing to fall in love with the sea in front of the web site keywords ranking. Look now, this is "another expression of user experience in the marketing of

is now engaged in most of Shanghai Longfeng service knows, Shanghai dragon is the user experience. If further asked, what is the user experience, they will come up with all kinds of website traffic statistical tools. Look at my website, the bounce rate is low, long visit long, this is the user experience good site. Then, he will continue to say, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is through the website internal optimization, make the site increase in viscosity, so that users love the site, Shanghai will have a ranking of love. I do not deny that this is a part of the user experience, but can not say that this is the user experience of all. Then I asked the user to experience what you know in your heart, it is not clear. Just let the search engines love it, most can only be regarded as a search engine experience. I will use the following facts to illustrate the "Shanghai dragon user experience" is not entirely accurate.


Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the core of loyalty or "user experience"? First I want to give "Shanghai dragon user experience" this word and double quotation marks, because this is a concept of fuzzy words, and even our understanding of "Shanghai dragon user experience" the word is not the real Shanghai dragon user experience. But those who do Shanghai Longfeng marketing people to sell their Shanghai dragon brand, one off the Shanghai dragon user experience the real significance. Secondly, in order to distinguish from most people now understand the "user experience", I understand the user experience temporarily to replace the Shanghai dragon with "customer loyalty". My goal is just to understand one thing, Shanghai dragon core optimization "user experience" what is

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