you need to use the index amount of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform query tool as long as registered on the platform and submit websites.

most currently only know that there is only one way to query the amount collected, that is in the search box enter site with your own domain name, in fact, this inquiry method with love Shanghai’s own words is "the numerical site grammar is estimated to compare the index. The webmaster recommended to use the new tools for us, and we are also working to improve site grammar." So what is a new tool to love Shanghai, in fact, in addition to the site grammar, love Shanghai also opened the other two kinds of tools for the webmaster website included quantity. The first open in Shanghai statistics, as shown below:


many webmaster friends every day will see things your query website is up is down, we use the query method is the most loved Shanghai site grammar, which is now the vast majority of online query tools included the amount of use principle. Then the accuracy of the site syntax in the end how, what other methods can query more precise amount included? This is what we will discuss the contents of this article, I believe you read this article will let you have a more profound understanding of love Shanghai index.

another love Shanghai open view included are the tools of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform. Love is love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently opened for the convenience of the webmaster platform, which has many nice features, some of it is not completely open to the invitation code before it can be used, such as the sitemap function, but the query function has been included in Shanghai Webmaster Platform free of charge, as shown below:


this is love search tool included in statistics Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics developed very rapidly in recent years, increased many webmaster features to learn the use of a large number of owners to win the network statistical tools a space for one person. During the period of the new hot click on the map, Shanghai Longfeng proposal, the speed test site, the search term ranking functions have one free, love Shanghai index query is one of the latest open one of the tools. Then this tool and site syntax differ? First can give love from the Shanghai statement to see this tool than site grammar is more accurate, second and most let the webmaster cheer is the updating unit of this tool is "day", also is that you can change the amount included view their daily by this tool. By way of showing is the form of statistical data and coordinate daily line graph to show the way, see the webmaster is very convenient. But the use of this tool has a premise is the need to have access to the site every day traffic, otherwise it will prompt "not detected by flow of the domain name yesterday, unable to determine the site owner, please install the code or to have a day after the website data query to view.

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