two: imitation brush flow, caused by K

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then I put the anchor text related is optimized, the anchor text does not increase every article, but related keywords very natural place to add one or two anchor text links, through the gradual approach to innovation, optimization methods and not others, finally let my website ranking has improved! The imitation is a thing very wrong!

many foreigners love at our Chinese can only imitate, not innovation, I beg to differ, I think we Chinese is the most creative, but you are not aware of the innovation to innovation, take the love of Shanghai and Taobao, these companies are the imitation of foreign enterprises, but in in our country, because Google search industry leader is not innovation, love Shanghai beat, so many foreigners still blame eBay, but love Shanghai and Taobao imitation, is really love Shanghai and Taobao in our own field, continuous innovation to beat foreign companies! So we should expect to do Shanghai dragon optimization, should always have the spirit of innovation, if just imitate, it is certainly not to be successful! We will give two examples of Shanghai Dragon Do not harm innovation


had just outside the chain, with little regard to the site within the chain, and later to many sites to learn about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, found a lot of people have mentioned in a point of view is the site of the chain is also very important, especially the anchor text links to related keywords to improve web page the weight, but also to enhance the site’s ranking, so I put my original without a link to the article a with the anchor text link, and are pointing to the home page or column, but over a period of time, and no net station in the promotion of the good. Instead, because of the long tail to the original the flow becomes less, this time I was alarmed, so I started to see some good website optimization, website ranking, found the website article page almost no anchor text This is, so I learned a lesson from the

has many webmaster like me in my QQ group inside, but also through some unconventional means to optimize the site of Tongren, of course I was affected by the construction of regular standing ideological influence, so for some unconventional website optimization methods are not how tempted, but in half a year ago, one of my friends through the brush flow, let your website ranking rose to the home, I do not envy of his success, it will not be three months by K, but after nearly half a year, the site’s ranking is still very strong, I think this is not a good thing, I also after my friend began to brush brush flow, but less than a month, my website is K, then the mood a fool

: the blind add anchor text

why cheating brush flow does not matter, how I die.

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