to select some well-known Web site space business, there are some word of mouth in the webmaster between some good business space also can be used. A stable space business do not have to worry about the site will not open the real situation. Do the above three aspects of the website basically is not what big problem, next is the optimization efforts.

2, the update of the original, suggestions. A spider crawling to your site, find your site is used to eat the content, I am afraid not much interest, it is very difficult to be loved by Shanghai. The worst is today found your website is full of spiders in the content, your website and the garbage station and the acquisition station is very bad with

3, make the spider guide, when a person is moving to a new place. Hope.

, a website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is most afraid of spiders rarely graced this website. Even if the content of the website and good and high quality, no spiders visit or can not achieve the purpose of Shanghai dragon. In a new station built just when everyone is more concerned about this problem. Faster now that I to talk about how to make the new sites included the

choose a good program. Try to choose some spider love program. What is called love spider program. The first spider in your site to climb is not tired! This shows you friendly to the spider, the spider to entertain you! People slowly often come to you to patronize, not a right. As long as there is good content, but also not afraid of spiders to patronize. Do not change after the confirmation procedure, then upload to the site of the space.


1, choose a good chain, not what the general weight of railway station. PR often is 0, this time for the link is very difficult. Most people are not willing to exchange with you. This will slowly find himself slightly, slowly add the chain. In fact, the new station slowly add links, and not what is the impact site, grasp the added progress, basically no matter what. Exchange links, advice is for website related links, your website is what to do, and you have to change the website of the same industry chain. This is the ranking included are very favorable.

, in the construction of new sites, first need a good domain name, this is our quality to check the domain name.

domain name is not registered, if the domain name registered, there is no violation over it, age and weight of the domain name! These are issues to consider. Just like marrying a daughter, to choose a life for his innocence, family background, good husband. Sloppy, once an election might accidentally behind for the optimization of manufacturing the inherent problems.

three, choose a good space, stability to your website, then the first ranking stability of the site is very important.

First, the

two, the domain name is selected, the next step is in the release site.

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