3. Links page not included in


is similar to phishing sites, the real home with your home address flicker is very similar to

link and delete link exchange. reduce weight home !!!

some sites in the chain is individually made a page on the home page, put all the friends of the chain. They through the nofollow so that the property of this page to reduce its weight. Now the chain is usually on the first page of the home page, small and medium enterprises generally do not often encounter this kind of situation.

6. Links cannot transfer the right.

: A and B do C webmaster friends of the chain, pretending to be B’s website is his, and then negotiate with the A web site, said the link is him, then ask you to cancel the B link to the site, and then to link to another site C!

this trick is 7 strokes in the inartful is the most disgusting, as a webmaster we could not every day to pay attention to others whether the site delete our website links, which created a part of the people in the belt, originally is a two-way link, it becomes a one-way you pay link, how to avoid? We can see through the love station and some webmaster tools, check once a week to avoid these bad people.

For example, !

this is the most insidious, the real victims is the B website, it is impossible to guard against, can be said to be the wolf really!! avoid this way is also very easy, friends of the chain of words you let him change the B website you do, if he can change it, that he is the webmaster! Otherwise ignore


some websites through robots.txt file with meta Noindex label, the Links page cannot be collected, usually see each other through the website source code with the robots.txt file to avoid


2. deliberately Links page

, A, B, C three

site!!The reality: A and B

in the construction of the chain, the chain is an indispensable part, but in the virtual world of the Internet, deception, fraud, is the embodiment of the most incisive, the arrival of 2015, how to avoid falling into the trap of others go? Do not want to fall, you must know how they use the trick of the exchange links adopted piecemeal. With a detailed analysis of Tao Chai below I have experienced the link tricks and preventive measures:

and C B is a chain, a chain, C and A chain. This is the three link of a reasonable, better than double effect, but what is the real situation?

The real conditions of

5. seems non home

4.. No link to your website

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